Friday, 19 September 2008


This is what I shall be doing with my group tomorrow. Hopefully! They do chat a lot so it probably wont all get done. But they will have the print out so they can get on with it at home and hopefully someone !! will make the whole thing and bring it along the next meeting for our Showtime table. These are the fabrics I have chosen to use.

This is the patchwork block it is called 'Gamecocks' It reminds me of another block but the name escapes me at the moment.

This is the Applique block, they may or may not choose to make this, it is always up to them, I give them the idea, sew the seeds of a design for the pattern and then they have to use their little 'grey cells'

Here, partially done, is what it could look like, when I have finished it completely I shall post another picture. It kept slipping as I was taking the photo, the blocks do match up really.


Di said...

That'll teach me. I like the combination and I haven't time to cut the fabrics for today!!!!!

jan said...

Haha, that'll teach you to trust me on what I choose to do for the day. Never mind, I hope you had a good day, your Boxy Stars are looking good Di.