Saturday, 20 September 2008


This is for Di, if you remember she said she liked Neapolitan ice creams with sprinkles and an umbrella!
I made her this, it is Neapolitan - London style - it has its sprinkles and the red syrup that Suzanne said I must put on, I did make an umbrella for it too, but it was a bit naff. I gave it to her today, that made her smile.
I have put it is 'London style' for a reason. I am from London originally and this is how the Neapolitans were, pink, green and brown. Here in Northampton they are pink white and brown. To me that is NOT right, I miss the green ice cream. It was sooo yummy.

Oh yes, we did our swap today of the AUTUMN QTC, only I left my one for Di at home! I shall post a picture here tomorrow of the one [she actually gave me two] ATC she gave me.
Di says ATC I say QTC.

PS to this posting, Nigel has said he will make us both a Postcard to swap. His words were, 'just for you two girlies' hee hee :-)


Anonymous said...

Thats one thing we dont eat as much now, maybe due to lossing my big frezzer, just trying to cope with small one not easy,

Thankyou for wonderfull postcard for Savannah, thrilled,

Di said...

Thank you so much for my 'Ice Cream@. A complete surprise. Lovely. I will post a pic on my blog.

Nigel was an absolute delight. He has the all important 'what if?' type of mind. Watch out for his 3D Flying Geese!!!! He he!

jan said...

Hi Tracey, we have only just bought a fridge freezer so am having fun filling it up. We used to have a huge one years ago, but when the girls left home we got rid of it. But we decided we would once again get back in the modern world and start freezing stuff. We try to remember to keep a few choc ices in for Reb.

Savannah is most welcome, glad it arrived. Albeit late!

jan said...

Hi Di, Glad you liked your ice cream card. Sorry I forgot your QTC. DOH me!

He certainly was wasn't he. Cannot wait to see his next Quilt for the Showtime table.

Hmm; what were you two up to, heads together and a lot of giggling!!!!!!!!