Wednesday, 9 February 2011


BOOKS - Don't you just love them. Last year I bought quite a few, and have already started this year and am off to a grand start I can tell you. Here are last years, these are apart from the Fiction books I bought. As if I don't have enough books already. I cant help myself.

These are my 'Arty' style books
I've lost this one, got to see if it has moved in with my Quilt books.

 These are my 'Quilty' style books...

 Oh a novel sneaked in here...
2011 starts here
 I had these two last week, am totally smitten...

 Ordered these three yesterday, I cannot wait for them to come...

I think you can see I am going off in yet another direction in my work right now. I have too many quilts and not enough room to keep them. Hubby looks when I finish a Quilt and groans - where is THAT one going? - usually it gets added to the ever growing pile on the chair in the bedroom.
Well enough is enough I think. I have got to stop for a while and think things through. Just when I feel I am at my quilting peak I am thinking of giving up.  Panic is setting in, what happens to all my Quilts when I pop my clogs? My girls wont want them they quilt themselves now. I was chatting to my lovely friend Tonya last night and she said why not put them on EBay unquilted as 'Quilt Tops' we looked for a page to see what if any were there.
137 pages of Quilt Tops are on EBay, how the heck do mine stand a chance with that many. I don't know why but seeing so many of them on there made me very sad.
Yes I know I could give them all away, but I would like to sell them if I really have to so I can have a little bit of cash, for a rainy day. Oh heck I just don't know what to do. I want to make Quilts not have to worry about the storage or disposal of them.
What do you do?
Do you make Quilts?
Lots of Quilts?
I would be interested to know how you store them or do you just make one and then stop? I know someone who did just that, she reckoned she had a Quilt so didn't need another.  I just don't get it!!!!
I was chatting to my friend Di this afternoon and we both agreed we need to win the lottery so we can have a huge place to display our Quilts as we want to. Oh Bliss. Then I could keep all my babies and make more and more and more and more.......
Di has a plan for me, she is ringing me tomorrow night.


Rosa-Munda said...

Lovely collection of books Jan. As for quilts, have you considered Folksy as a way of selling? Never done it myself, but it looks interesting. I'm hoping to sell a few small quilts and cushions at a table top sale next weekend. Its costing just £10 for a table and they are serving tea and bacon butties all day - so there should be loads of people come! Ros

maggi said...

Judging by the books you have just ordered you will be able to put your quits on the walls - textile art! No more piling them up on chairs.

Shasta said...

I try to compare my quilting to a hobby like golfing. It is expensive, and you have to pay to play, but with quilting, you wind up with a bonus end product. That end product is just a bonus - it was the actual time making the quilt that is my hobby. So with my quilts, I hang them up all over my house, and decorate with them. I give them away as gifts, and as charity. And sure I've sold a couple of them. But I won't let myself feel guilty about having too many quilts. If I have lots of great-great-grandchildren, then they will need enough quilts to go around! LOL