Thursday, 3 February 2011


This is a UFO that has been hanging around what seems like for ever on a board in my sewing room. I am determined it will be finished THIS MONTH. I am working hard at it. It is actually not very big but has intense quiliting on it as you can see. I am, I am pleased to say--nearly done--Yippee. These pictures are actuall of the back, I kind of like the back you see.
Look at this, I am so excited about this. My friend Ros sent me some bulbs and there was an Amaryllis bulb too, which I planted in a pot and look. It is going to have a second lot of flowers, the first four flowers are, sadly, beginning to fade, but you can clearly see the second shoot with the flowers waiting to burst open. Fabulous, thank you Ros, I watch it daily cos they burst open very quickly. A picture will be taken I can assure you just as soon as it opens in all its glory.

Two more blocks came for me today, both were BLUE, fabulous. One from Irene and one from Maggie, thank you girls, they are great.
I have made another soft box and the tutorial will be going here -


Cath said...

Thanks Jan, I have enjoyed! Your quilting is just incredible, and like you, I also often like the back just as much...if not more in some cases as the front!

jan said...

Thanks Cath, I am itching to start the next one now. I am on a roll.

maggi said...

Love the quilting Jan - proof that you don't need a longarm to make stunning quilts.