Tuesday, 23 September 2008


I am most definitely the luckiest person around. Just look at the wonderful things I have had for my birthday..I cant believe I am still receiving wonderful gifts. This DVD is from Di, I couldn't wait to get home Saturday and watch it. Its fantastic, I recommend it thoroughly, So many ideas on there, I have already tried one. I need to get some punch stamps now to try another from it. Thank you Di it is brilliant.
Now I am making no apologies for putting these on so many times. I couldn't decide which background was best for them so took a white a black and a sparkly red. I suggest you find the one you like best and concentrate on that.

with, how kind you are to me. Noel, what can I say, thank you is such a little word, when I really need to be there next to you giving you the biggest hug ever. I love her. She is amazing, how could you part with her. How did you do it? I have so many HOW'S about her. As I am sure others will have when they have looked at her. All those beads, all sewn on too. Phew! Also you sent me some blanks to practicelol :-)
I am going to call her BEAUTY, thank you so much Noel, she is GORGEOUS.

front...back...The back of 'Beauty'...
The front of 'Beauty' on her black background, I am holding her so you can see how small she is

The back on black...On red sparkling two tone voile...

Two more birthday cards I also received from the ladies at Postcard Pizzazz.....
My personal Rocket to the stars from Christine W, thanks Christine it is just great.. Pizzazz group

and last but not least, my party balloons from Leah, perfect colours Leah. Pizzazz group

I am just so lucky. Thank you everyone I am overwhelmed by your kindness.


~ Phyllis ~ said...

Hi Jan,
Thanks for the quilt info on my blog. I'll look through my box of attachments to see if I have a quilting foot. I have a Sears Kenmore Sewing maching. I don't think it was really meant for serious quilting.
I'm not sure why my blog pictures won't enlarge when you click on them. I'll ask my son.
Have a good day.

jan said...

Hi Phyllis, I hope you have managed to find a different foot to do your quilting with. It is such a lovely quilt you are doing, be a shame to spoil it. Take time and practise practise practise. If your machine does straight and zigzag stitches, its just fine for quilting. You don't need a fancy one.