Wednesday, 10 September 2008


I have just had some REALLY GOOD NEWS.

Sorry, cant tell you yet.

How annoying that is!


palleon53 said...

Oh I wonder what it is...hehehe!

KR said...

Don't tell us:

You ate all your chocolate birthday cake and lost 10 pounds

You won a free 1-week vacation with Robbie in Bermuda

You just found out your favorite sewing machine actually has a life-time warranty on all parts and labor

You've decided to jump back into your groups with both feet


Something even better than these possibilities? Tell us or we will virtual-tickle it out of you.


Di said...

OK, come on, what is it? You've won the Lottery????

jan said...

Hello Palleon 53; all will be revealed at a later date, not too late I hope.

jan said...

Hi KR, well yes, the chocolate cake HAS all gone. WHEW! I'm stuffed!!!

I haven't lost 10 lbs and don't understand why not!!

I wish!!

Ha ha ha ha ha

Something much better.

Not ticklish.
lol jan x

jan said...

Hi Di,
Naughty girl prized it out of me!!! She always does. But no more will. My lips are sealed.

Kath said...

Ooh you are going to be a Grannie again!!!!!!!!Kath

jan said...

Good grief Kath. Just picked myself up off the floor. NO WAY. Guess again!!

jan said...

KR..just noticed the 2nd thing on your list. woo hoo!! Good'n.