Tuesday, 16 September 2008


My friend Di and myself are going to swap the Season's in QTC's or ATC's.
This is the first one. We decided on AUTUMN.
It had to be made using a 'fabric' we had created ourselves. Not a ready made bought one if you see what I mean.
So what did I do?
At the Quilt show at Birmingham I had bought some of that soluble stuff you stitch on then chuck in some water, it disappears but what you have stitched is left behind, hopefully in one piece. After a bit of trial and error. Don't ask!!
I settled for this one. It suddenly dropped into place when Di said you can draw on the stuff. So, I drew a rough outline of a tree. Yep, that's supposed to be a tree folks. Then I sprinkled the little bits of fabric on in the areas I wanted the particular colours to be. I vermicellied like crazy, to keep it all down and hopefully in one piece after the water stage!! Well as you can see it did work, I only had to sew a few extra bits on when it dried out, as you could see daylight through it in a few places, and I wasn't after that effect for this.
I completed the QTC, then realised I was supposed to have put some beads on. DOH moment. Out came my beloved crystals. Hooray for them. So I went mad sticking them here, there and everywhere, in all the colours I had used on the QTC. Great fun. Hope you like it Di.
What is the next Season we are doing. I am raring to go.


~ Phyllis ~ said...

It's so pretty. I love all the colors.

jan said...

Thanks Phyllis, I hope my friend Di will like it.

Noel said...

You are one talented lady Jan!
Looks like a tree to me...love it and so will Di!

jan said...

Hi Noel, the trunk is a bit on the chunky side, but as it was my first attempt at a picture, I am pleased with it, I know Di likes it she sent me a text on my phone. :-) Go see her BLog she is trading some ATC's