Monday, 15 June 2009


Max is my wonderful IT Man. He came out today - Sunday - and fixed the Computer of all its problems, I am now up to speed so to speak, it is much much better, it is loading faster, thank goodness, so I should be able to get a lot more done now its fixed. He also fixed the emailing direct from Blog comments for me. For some reason, every time I tried to send email from the blog, it wouldn't go. He found out the link for that was still attached to my OLD email address, from 2 years ago. Good grief. I do have a problem sometimes with it popping up actually when I go into Paypal, but good old Max has sorted it all out and so............IF you need me to answer your comment you put here, you will need to have your email address on your profile for me to do this.
Gosh this is fast now. I am doing the happy dance.



My friend Di, went over to Poppy Patch shop on Saturday and she was talking to Lesley, one of the owners, and Lesley and the groups she has, have made 40 Quilts for the Soldiers. All different sizes. How fabulous is that. Well done to Lesley and all her groups. Wonderful achievement. Di is going to give them the information of the shop which is taking the Quilts in, as one of the ladies has a holiday home apparently that way so will drop them all in.


Tomorrow, we are having a visitor for the week. CURLY is coming again, Rebecca will be so excited, he is coming to stay with us whilst Di gets her new bathroom put in. Jeff is bringing him in the morning. This was the pair of them the last time he was here.

She loved it, sat stroking him for ages, think he liked it too.



Reflections of life and art said...

Yeah for the high speed!
40 that's fantastic and Curly, your friend is coming back to visit. Rebecca looks pleased!


searchfamilies said...

Hi Jan
Good that the computer is up to speed i think i may have to check with you what to do for the blog i tried something & seeing if it works.
Bet Rebecca with be enjoying the week she won't want to leave lol
Well done to Lesley on the quilts be there will be well received
Hugs Janice

tigsowner said...

That's great news, Jan! a lot of things to be thankful for all at once - that's life, I suppose!
Check out Angela's blog to see her lovely sunflower.

jan said...

Hi Fiona,
Angela is so talented, it is a gorgeous sunflower. I will give it a go.