Saturday, 13 June 2009


Should I answer all your lovely comments you make by email to you or is it OK to put it on here as I have been doing. I just never know. Some folk email me and others don't. I would like to get it right.

No reason for the picture, it just looked bare without one.


Mary said...

I don't know if there's a right answer but this is typically how I do it.

If I get a question and the person has an email address attached to their account, I answer in email.

If they don't have an email address attached to their account, I make no guarantees about answering their questions because I usually have other things I want to post about. The exception to this is if it's a question I get asked by several people, then I might go ahead and answer it in a post.

Basically I tell people if they're going to ask me a question, they need to provide their email if they want an answer.

Rosa-Munda said...

Hi Jan,
I use email to answer comments, mostly because I keep loosing the comments before I have pressed the publish button! Also gives the opportunity for a more personal reply. Ros x

searchfamilies said...

Hi Jan
The trouble with answering the post within the blog is that it can get lost in that you would have to keep going back to the post for that day/post
I do wish that we could have the comments posted as they are but also come in to our e-mail then we could reply to it by e-mail but it also gets posted that way we cover it both ways
Myself i not figured out how to alway answer in a e-mail well still working out how the blog works i am okay with posting on mine or commenting on others but some i just don't see where you can comment so then i don't
Hugs Janice

maggi said...

I try to respond by email if there is one as I feel that if people have taken the time to comment I like to acknowledge them. If there is no email I try to put a comment on their blog. There is no right or wrong way as far as I can see, just use whichever method is most convenient for you. Maggi