Monday, 29 June 2009


I have finished one of the Soldier Quilts, bar the binding, which I will do tomorrow. I then started the Batik Quilt on the back of the door from the hanger. That is fairly small so it wont take long depending on the pattern I choose to do on it. Reason I got on so well?

Hubby is doing my house sitting stint for me. Due to the fact my stupid toe is still playing up, am now wondering if it may be broken!! ho hum!!! He said he would do it because of the stairs. We live in a bungalow so have no stairs, I am none too good with stairs at the best of times, poor old soul, and with a gammy toe, am even worse. Anyway, he is doing it as I said so I am able to sew for longer than I normally do without him saying its time to pack away. hahahaha if only he knew!!!!

These cards came for me yesterday from Leah, three at once, great stuff. Thanks Leah.

This one was for a swap I set up to use your scraps only on a Postcard -
I called it SPEEDY,
these were leftovers Leah had from a Baby Quilt she made years ago.
Her son said it needed something to make it 'look cool' so she added the 'bling'...

I also set up this swap in the Technique file,
I have to admit - I hate the darn things, but it was a technique to learn,
these are Leah's first ever Yoyo's, great aren't they...

This card is from the
PAW # 53 - word - Question
Great card Leah, love that question mark,
I wonder what the question was :-) ...


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