Friday, 5 June 2009


Lots of you left me comments when I was so down and I am answering them all here.

You just take a day off and relax.
You deserve it. I too had to remove myself from two BOM groups. I hated doing so but just didn't have the time. We can only do so much I have been so tired of all the drum carding that I have been doing lately. So Sunday I decided to take the day off and not do a thing. I did read some and knit. It's the best thing I could have done. Today I'm a much happier person. Give it a try.
I hope your computer isn't dieing.
Take care.
HUGS. Phyllis

June 02, 2009

Hi Phyllis,
Well the computer has been semi fixed, it needs some new bits and bobs - don't ask - far too technical for me. Hubby has also asked that it be made faster, woohoo and for more memory to be put on, bigger woohoo. Trouble with me is I want to do it all and I want to do it NOW. I HAD to stop as of course I couldn't do anything, drove me nuts when it kept shutting down. Fingers crossed it seems to be behaving at the moment even though it is slow, for now. Bless you, Jan x

Hi Superwoman,
I think your toe is telling you to take things easy! I was feeling very tired yesterday - hot weather and doing too much - so I made a few yo-yos and wrote a list. It turns out that I had less deadlines than I thought. Why not do some virtual quilting - with some coloured pencils and graph paper. Or a nice quilty book? God bless, Ros

June 02, 2009

Hi Ros,
Superwoman? Me? Never in a million years. I may think I am but when it comes down to it, I'm just a wannabe. You were right about the list, I re-checked my lists - note the plural - and found I am actually AHEAD of my swaps. But still dropped out of some. I want to get back to my quilting for a while. I started a book, not patchwork, a novel. lol Jan x

Hi Jan
You could ask your IT man to back up the stuff to the memory stick i save my stuff to one plus a disc every month so if the computer went down i only lose anything i not backed up in the last month.
As for your blog no you won't lose it but make sure you have the site written down so you can get to it.
I do hope your toe will soon heal i think we all have these times when we not motivated as much, i tend to look at my books if i am like that to try to push myself, if you want to chat just shout i am around
Hugs Janice

June 02, 2009

Hey Janice,
I most certainly did ask him when he arrived, I bombarded him with questions. Bless him he wondered what was happening. hahaha, I know a few things now so will have to put them into practice. He showed me how to uninstall and re-install the picture thingies, just in case they play up again. Was easy peasy, until I come to remember I bet!!!! He also explained I wouldn't lose my Blog - I have to admit I was in a tether about that - He is going to get the bits asap for me too. I am just too impatient Janice. See you soon anyway lol Jan x Must get your phone number when we meet in June.


Have sent you an email.

Love, Babs x

June 02, 2009

Hey Babs,
What would I do without your help. I have emailed you back. Sorry its very long.
lol Jan xx

I'm sorry you aren't feeling well. I hope your toe heals up quickly - you will have to take it easy until then. Also hope your computer woes clear up quickly and easily - I was thinking your tech would be able to help you back up everything as well. Shasta

June 02, 2009

Hi there,
It has just been one thing after another at the moment and I guess I let it all get on top of me. Silly I know cos there are some problems that are out of my hands. Appreciate your ideas. lol Jan x

Hi Jan, sorry about your pain and tiredness. But I can reassure you, your blog will not be lost, when your computer has to be repaired.
Best wishes, be recovered soon!
Elisabeth from Vienna

June 02, 2009

Hi Elisabeth,
Feeling much better as of today. Still a bit tired, but it will pass I know. Trouble is I still cannot go to bed early, I will just lay there staring at the ceiling, and that drives me nuts. The computer is at half speed just now as there is a bit that has been removed from it. I find it fascinating that it still works at all. I have been screaming at it, pleading with it, shouting at it, coaxing it, if fact you name it I have probably done it. I am so sad!!! Computer geekdom here I come.....hahahaha lol Jan x

Hey Jan,

Bummer that you are feeling bummed, It's amazing how one small body part in pain can make the rest of your body miserable. Just doesn't seem fair. I agree with the other comments, take some time to do something you want to do, instead of things that need to get done. And yes don't worry about your blog, it won't disappear. All your photos and messages are saved on the's computers not yours. So no need to stress about loosing your blog. :) Leah

June 02, 2009

Hey Leah,
That is a wonderful expression you have there, I am most certainly bummed. I was totally stupid to let it all get to me. Life is being a tad unfair to me just now, its one thing after another. It all got on top of me and 'flip' over I went, into misery. Crazy I know but I am getting things into perspective - a bit - I do understand about the saving of stuff and the blog and everything so much better now Max has explained a lot to me. He was here 2 hours, bless him. Again you had the right word for me, stressed, I was totally stressed, crazy, crazy, crazy. lol Jan x

I hope you are better today my friend! Sometimes we need to rest and do nothing....our bodies need to get charged again!
I know that was hard for you to back out of swaps but necessary!
Let's hope your puter can stay home but if not you can catch up on some projects! Noel

Enjoy your down time!!


June 02, 2009

Hi Noel,
Yes today I am feeling better. I went out and got away from it all. I went to Annette's to wait for her shopping to arrive whilst she went to work. Sod's Law, it arrived when she returned from work. You see, that is the way things are going for me just now, awry to say the least. ho hum, worse things happen at sea and all that. Its just when it is you that it is happening to, it all gets out of hand and enlarged in your mind so to speak. The computer is staying home, no hospital stay for it this time!! And a bonus, I am able to still use it. I cannot tell you how good it feels to know !!!!! it is not going to shut down on me. That was awful awful awful. lol Jan xx

It's horrid feeling so bad, Jan, but take care of yourself and you'll feel better when that poor toe is sorted. Arnica shouldn't upset you, it's meant to heal after all so maybe you could try burning some nice oils as well to give you a lift.
And the tech man should be able to back-up for you.
Love, Fiona.

June 02, 2009

Hi Fiona,
It sure was Fiona, but like I have said up amongst those other answers, I am getting there. I just thought that maybe the Arnica made me tired, but it was probably everything creeping up on me. Next door, toe, computer, inability to keep up with things, no knowledge of how to fix things. You know usual stuff!! I can be flippant now of course, but it was not good the past week or so. I will get over it all, and I just know it will all happen again, not all of it but most. If I could just get my head round some of these things I have to put up with I would cope much better. Just a non starter really though. Its quite funny really, the Arnica I had bought, well, hubby bought for the toe thingy, but it brought out bruises from the Acupuncture, so I look a bit like a tattooed person just now. YUK!
lol Jan xx

Thank you all of you for the wonderful messages you left for me, I did, still do appreciate them, they made me feel instantly more cheery. I have been told in the past, I go on a bit. I know I do, I like to make my feelings known, and I cant say it in a few words without it looking naff.
So, if I have gone on a bit, you will have to forgive me, it is the way I am and I ain't gonna change now, too old.
Bless you all ladies, you are all my wonderful friends I know. I am certainly blessed - in Noel's words - to have met you all.
LOL Jan x
that's the lots of love one.

Dare I tell you that this evening I was doing a bit of sewing and, guess what?
The sewing machine has ceased up.
I kid you not.
Hubby is going to look at it tomorrow.
You see how my life is at the moment, I daren't do anything with a sharp instrument just now.
I sat at the machine and wailed....WHY ME...pick on someone else.
How sad is that.

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