Monday, 1 June 2009


I got a pair of sandals on today. Went to meet Annette and Rebecca on their way to ours. Slow walking but at least something on my feet made it possible to go out. This evening it is very swollen, probably nothing to do with the sandal, more like sitting around doing nothing!!!!

I am so bored of staying in.

Fabulous day weather wise, the Gazebo is up in the back garden, we have braved the 'pongs' from next door and sat out most of the day. Each time a 'pong' emitted I threw talcum powder in the air. Seemed to work. I best get a stock of it in. :-) A dumper truck full would be handy, I could dump it next door and it could be quite pleasant..........

Bring it on.....

We played 'UNO' for a few rounds, I won. hahahaha Reb played with her sand pit, managed to soak the sand...again....then we all sat and chilled. Reb and I did some beading, Hubby started a new book, and Annette cut out her bag. How industrious were we!!! I have given Rebecca the Icicle doll which Noel sent to me for beading, --hope you don't mind Noel --- she has done one round of beading already, she wants to do it the way I have done the one for you. That is a LOT of beads, I started counting them tonight, just for fun!! One particular area was over 1,395 beads, gave up, way too many to count. I will leave that up to you when you get it. hahahahaha. You can tell me how many there are on it. The one round which Reb has done, has over 150 beads already, so she is well on her way to a record.

Just realised,
three days to go to getting the computer fixed.
Hip hip hip hooray.


Di said...

What a lovely way to spend yuour day. How a Sunday should be.

We had quite a busy day. Jeff went to get me some more pots to put my broad beans in, then dug a couple of beds (only small ones) over and I quilted and pieced(after changing beds, washing and ironing). Busiest Sunday we've had for a long time.

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to seeing your new bag Annette,

and WOW clever Rebecca doing all those beads , I cannot do anything like that, as my hands shake so, and they would be all over tyhe place, doh..... hope we get to see a piccy of what you make,

and do hope Grandma"s foot is improving,


jan said...

Yesterday [Sunday] was really good.
Today...way down in the doldrums.

she is very good at it. Picked it up easy as pie.