Saturday, 30 May 2009


I cannot believe the difference in my foot today. I have managed to put it to the floor and walked properly. I am so pleased. I am certain it is due to the Arnica. I cannot praise it highly enough. I wish I had had that when I first did my toe, all those years ago. At least I know of it now and will get it for the future when I will no doubt smash the foot into something else. Again..and again....and again...

Tomorrow I am going to try and put a shoe on, think I may be asking too much as the little toe, Ahhhh, is twice its normal size, a very fetching colour though. In fact, if I dare say, Caz, it is just the colours you want for your Friendship Block Swap. hahahahaha

Thank you Caz by the way for saying you like the look of the new page. I think I will be sticking with this for a while now as I am finding it very restful on the old eyes.

I managed some sewing today, I finished off eleven Postcards. Woohoo. Yep 11. I am so pleased with myself, the foot managed to stay right on the pedal and there was NO PAIN. Yippee! OK, I admit when making the postcards it is all basically short bursts of sewing, a Quilt would be a different ball-game methinks!! I want to get on with some Quilts, its ages since I did any of what I call, PROPER quilting. Unlike Babs, my friend over at....

Babs has been playing with some Feather Quilting, pop over and see what she has achieved so far. Great stuff. I love doing the Feather quilting, but am not perfect at it....yet...well, will never be PERFECT, but I will be 'good enough' and that will suit me.

I have also managed to finish - wait for it - the two beaded dolls I started way back when!!!! One is for Noel and one for Elaine. They are what is known as Icicle Dolls. Hubby wants me to count how many beads I have sewn on them. In his dreams. I am chuffed to bits with them. I may be able to find an old picture to put here given time.........

Hubby had a text from the IT man this evening, he is back from his holidays next will call in on Wednesday to look at the computer and hopefully...please please please....fix it there and then. I do hope it isn't a 'take away' job. Have to be content with that though don't I? He has to have a holiday doesn't he?

Guess so.

I know, I am selfish.

Who would ever have thought I would be sitting here be-moaning the lack of ability to use my computer? I know my friend Di will be laughing her socks off at me. I can just hear her now.


Di said...

Am sitting here at 4.30 in the morning (yes 4.30)thinking back a few years and remembering your reaction to computers!!!!!

Lady Hopwood said...

Arnica is magic, can't beat it!

Glad the toe is feeling better :-)

Reflections of life and art said...

Never heard fo Anica....glad to here your toe is better....if you can sew that's a good thing....icicle doll...what icicle doll????
Oh go ahead count the!


Reflections of life and art said...

Jan, I don't remember seeing who was picked for your "Pay It Forward"....did you ever post the names and I just had a DAH momoent!

I too remember back when not tooo long ago when you were not sure of your blogging....look at you now baby....your a pro!!


searchfamilies said...

Glad your toe is getting better hope it continues to do so
Hugs Janice

jan said...

Hi Noel,
the winners of the PIF were Trillian, Ros and Maggi...... You must have missed the post, it is back a bit now of course, cos I do natter on a bit....hahahaha
OK OK so I love my Computer, see, I can say it.....Except when it goes wrong of course, then I could quite cheerfully sling it through the window.
You must be careful saying I am a 'pro' Noel, it has a whole different meaning here across the pond. hahahahaha
Arnica is an Homeopathic remdy for bruising and probably other things. It is fabulous.

Hi Janice,
I am getting there, unlike the computer.......

Di, Hmmmmm see Noel's answer..hahaha

Hey Jo, it sure is, it has made this a whole lot easier I can tell you.