Sunday, 17 May 2009


Remember the swap I told you I had signed up for and that my Partner was from Kettering,
well here she is...
This is Janice and myself at my group, I took my machine along for her to use as I know she cant do hand sewing for long periods, she came to have a look at us and stayed all day;
she is going to come again.. Great
Lovely lady a pleasure to have her at my group and as a friend...

Janice had pipped me at the swap we are in, she has completed
the swap items for me and brought them all along and [presented me with them.
First there is a list of the letters and items,
my Suzanne and me had to smile at the words, talk about cheating hahaha
good one Janice....

Now the GIFTS...

F =

R =

I =

Had to do a close up of this, look she knitted a heart in the pattern...

E =

N =

D =

S =

How fabulous are they.
Janice I am gobsmacked with these gifts, each and everyone of them I love, thank you so much. They are just perfect for me. I have a hard job on my hands, I will never think of such wonderful things, mind you, as you kind of, we think, bent the rules a tad, I am going to do the same, hahahaha, I know you wont mind.
When we got home we all sat and thought of things for the letters for you and we have come up with some ACE things.

Here is Janice's Blog for you to go see how she fared at my group
Crafts and Genealogy



Khris said...

What a lovely meeting girls and a lovely lot of goodies there...well done Janice. I am thrilled to be a part of bringing to lovely ladies together in friendship...hugs Khris

searchfamilies said...

It was lovely meeting you Jan I really enjoyed the day, you can blame Khris for me being sneaky as she said think outside the box & you doing your out of your comfort zone at the group was funny lol
I loved meeting your daughters, & granddaughter plus the lovely ladies at the group thank you for inviting me
Hugs Janice

jan said...

Hi Khris,
a great big thank you to for pairing us up lol xx

Hi Janice,
I just cannot get over my wonderful box of goodies, I will get yours done very soon I promise. It was as I have said a real pleasure meeting you and look forward to a long friendship. lol Jan xx

searchfamilies said...

Hi Jan
I look forward to not only a long friendship but learning from you it was a great day
Hugs Janice

maggi said...

Brilliant show and tell. How spooky - I have just pulled out a load of Secret Garden squares made several years ago and started to sew them together and then I read this!

jan said...

Hey Janice,
stick with me and I will teach you all I can. Will be a pleasure. So pleased you enjoyed the day.

Hi Maggi,
Spooky indeed. I love the CWSG, it is always a showstopper don't you think. Time consuming but as I told the ladies, once the blocks are joined and the windows in, it is finished....well almost. hahahaha