Thursday, 28 May 2009


Last night, woke up, needed the loo, as you do.
Got up, not quite awake,
Crack - foot met door frame, door won.
Words to that effect...and now I am is hubby.

Hubby " What you done, walked into the door?"
Me "Bashed my toe again"
Hubby "Oh"

So caring, so understanding, fast asleep already.

Today, well yesterday actually cos its late now...Toe pretty colours, blues and mauve's VERY painful..cant get shoe on, unable to get about much, certainly cannot sew, tried it, only managed half hour.

Tomorrow has got to be better...please.


Di said...

Hope it feels better soon Jan

searchfamilies said...

Hope it feeling better today, i didn't sleep well last night as had to go to the loo a few times lucky no bashing my toe take care
Hugs Janice

jan said...

Hi Di and Janice,
hubby cane home today with some Arnica for me so have been chewing away on them all day, can put my foot to the floor now, the bruising is very colourful, still no shoes though. Jan x

Reflections of life and art said...

Oh Jan, you poor thing.....take it easy and rest!!


jan said...

Noel, that is all I have been doing. Am bored now.