Saturday, 9 May 2009


I am so pleased with myself, I got loads of sewing done yesterday - Friday - and managed to get in the post....

1-1 #44 Postcard x 1
1-1 #41 Postcard x 1
Lily Mingle Postcard x 1
Angelina Postcards x 3
Spring Leaves Postcards x 3
'9' QTC's x 2
PAW #52 Postcards x 4
Cathedral Windows Postcards x 4
Zero QTC's x 2
I posted all my groups Newsletters and needs lists
I finished 2 more Postcards for swaps
I finished up some stuff that had been laying around for ever.

I am so pleased with myself. My machine is steaming!!!!


Rosa-Munda said...

Oh Jan, 21 cards! You're amazing! I struggle with just 1! Well done. Ros

Di said...

You'll meet yourself coming back if you're not careful my friend!!! What did I achieve yesterday?? Boring work, work, work!! Oh, I did manage to sort my sewing box I keep by my chair!!!!

jan said...

I needed to sew, sew, sew......Jan

maggi said...

I cannot believe how much you have been doing lately. You are amazing.

jan said...

I was on a mission Maggi.

Reflections of life and art said...

Ditto what Rosa-Munda said....I struggle to get one made...sure glad I have some extra that I made way back when....hee hee! You whip them out like they are nothing and they are so beautiful too!!
What a gift you have my friend!!

Mary said...

I did some sewing today too -- got the Tumbler top done -- seeing your list reminds me I need to get my May postcard done for our family exchange.

jan said...

Hi Noel,
I do have a great stash of cards if you remember, I used to belong to a.n.other group!! I have stacks of repeats from that one. Sometimes I am lucky and one I already have done, fits the bill so to speak. I am also always making cards as they are like an addict to me. Oh dear!!!

Hi Mary,
Love your tumbler top, my Annette is doing one for the Soldiers. I have to add more stuff to my list, it goes up instead of down.