Sunday, 10 May 2009


I am absolutely delighted to report to you that my Annette will be helping Di with these Quilts. Di is, I know, going to be receiving quite a few blocks for these Quilts, and Annette asked could she help her out as she felt she has found her goal in life, which is, to be making these Quilts for our Boys and Girls. We mustn't forget the Girls.
It is my groups meeting this Saturday coming, I feel sure there will be some blocks there, so Annette will have those and get them put together and Quilted. She will do the Quilts as and when the Blocks come to her, either from Di, or anyone who sends her blocks, Di will do the delivering of the finished Quilts. Quite a good plan there I think. Di has three Quilts on the go already I believe, so it is a good idea for Annette to get the next lot so to speak.
Let me know if you have any blocks for either Di or Annette, they will be more than happy to receive them.
Meantime to give you an idea of who these Quilts can go to, take a look at this......right, it is not letting me put the link here so I will put it all on its own on another Post.


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