Thursday, 28 May 2009


Foot definitely a little better even though I still cant get a shoe on I can put my foot to the floor now.
Hubby brought me home some Arnica and so I have been chucking them down my throat all day for them to work their magic.
Soon be back to normal.
Thank Goodness.
Annette and Rebecca came over today and Reb had brought her new game with her--CLUE -- it is very good, lot of fun, we had a few games of that then some bacon butties for lunch. yumyum
Annette went to the post office and posted Ros' block and Helen's card off for me.
They should arrive for them, tomorrow. Fingers crossed.


Mary said...

Glad to hear the foot is better -- do you think you broke anything?

Rosa-Munda said...

Hi Jan,
Good news that the pain is subsiding. I look forward to seeing the postman this morning. God bless, Ros.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jan, I just love your little new friend the hamster. Have just been playing with him.
Like the new look of your blog btw.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jan,

My postcard arrived this morning and it's FABULOUS!!

Thank you so much,

jan said...

Hi Mary,
Nothing broken, just fractured, I do it so many times, I should be used to it. Big feet, hard doors, dont mix. hahaha

Hi Ros,
Well I know you now have it so that is good. I am now able to put the foot to the floor. Good old Arnica.

Hi Caz,
Nice to see you here, he is a fun little chap isnt he. You should be playing with your new machine though. Naughty girl.

Hi Helen,
Glad you liked it. So sorry it was so late. I am a vbg indeed.

Thanks everyone for your thoughts on my stupid toe. It is loads better due to the Arnica, what a brilliant homeopathy treatment that is.
Have a great weekend Jan x