Wednesday, 6 May 2009


I want to move on from the last post, so will put my replies to the posted messages I had from you all here.

Yes I did get the Environmental people in, we, my friends at the top as well, had to keep diaries for the noise, also they put recording equipment in, the chap went into the garden took photos, and smelled the delicious !!!!! aroma, frowned but said nowt. Did this for ohhh over a month, and at the end, they said.....
No case to answer.
She, the mother, had been down and spun them a tale about getting rid of the dogs etc etc we had heard it all before.
I cried solid for a week after this.

Re - Council, not interested we are Private. What does one do?

Re - Local MP, she has been told over and over again, she has done......nothing. She wont get my vote next time.

I thought of refusing to pay my Rates, but don't fancy a stint in prison, although I think hubby may when he retires, cos it is going to be one hell of a shock for him then, to have it all day EVERY day, like I have it now.

Kennel Club, they know of them and are aware of what they are like and what they do...again nothing happens.

You see how everything is against me. I have tried, I have cried, screamed, beaten my head on the wall, made rude gestures, sworn a bit, well a lot if the truth be known. Almost lost my mind too, I don't know what else to do as they seem to beat me at all I try.
I am going to try a new tack, haven't thought of one yet, give me time. There must be something out there or someone who is willing to DO something.

Anyway, enough of this horrid stuff, I want to get back to normal. I am enjoying the respite at the moment of the mother being away, so no arguments you see. It is always quiet when she goes away and the boy [ha he must be 30 odd] is left on his own. He only had two bellows today so I can live with that. I have to close this as it will only make me ill again and I couldn't bear to go through it all again and have nothing at the end. I had to put it on here though, in a strange way it has helped me. I don't think I have broken any laws or anything by posting it here, I haven't named them.
Oh oh he has just come in and started banging the doors. Ho hum, story of my life you see. I have to move on.
I just wish they would.
Thank you everyone once again, your comments helped me. Ros too, thank you for yours, I had quite a few private emails about this.
Good grief, what is he doing, if he wakes hubby up there will be hell to pay. I kid you not here, it is as though he is slinging furniture around, oh my word. Fingers crossed hubby sleeps through.


maggi said...

Maybe you could try the papers - they are often interested in such stories, especially when so many organisations have been approached and done nothing.

Anonymous said...

when you are feeling strong enough and feel you can do it, put it all together and send it to the house of commons, explain your mp was no help,

I got wonderful help years ago off Mr Clement F. cannot spell his name,

thinking of you


Martys Fiber Musings said...

So sad that a good community can be so distressed over one bad apple. Keep after those who should be enforcing ordinances. Remember, it's the squeaky wheel that gets the oil.

jan said...

Thank you ladies for these responses and ideas, I am printing loads of information out, my friend Ros has sent me some excellent links for this problem, I am hopeful something may, just may get done. I am looking into every avenue I have been sent. My friend at the top of the street came down today and read the Blog and all the replies, she too is adamant that this year, will be OUR year, not theirs.

Anonymous said...

County Council elections are coming up, Jan - contact your local candidates and see if they can get things moving a bit. We had dreadful neighbours and the council wasn't bothered as we own our house (or at least the mortgage company does) and next -ddor is privately rented. We kept a diary and so did another neighbour from up the street (that's how bad the noise was). I used to cry in the doctor's because I was under so much stress. Thank god, the girl left him because I was sure one day he'd kill her (police weren't interested as she'd deny anything) and my children were hearing it all through the walls....Once they left, wasn't surprised he got stabbed in a lot had a dog they ignored...then empty for months again so we got mice...thank goodness we now have "normal" people again. Fiona.