Sunday, 3 May 2009


You will have read on here from time to time, how I wish I could win the Lottery and move. You may also have picked up on the fact I have dreadful neighbours, in fact I call them the neighbours from hell. With good cause as you will see.

Recently, my friends at the top of our Close and myself, tried really hard to get something done about these people, we made recordings and had the Environmental people up to see for themselves how we have to put up with this disgusting site. The smell that emanates from them has to be smelled to be believed! Workmen have been known to refuse to work there - I kid you not - the postman hates having to deliver mail there.

I used to have a house group of ladies, we tried to sit in the back garden on nice hot summery days, but when one of them said to me, 'I'm really sorry I cannot stand the smell can I go in' I knew it was time to try to get something done and to sadly give up my group.

You have no idea how embarrassed I am when people come to visit. When Ros, a new friend, came not long back, I was so glad it was fairly dark, she was unable to see what I refer to as, the Gypsy encampment next door, mind you I do believe that to be an insult to Gypsies.

These people moved in about 15 years ago, with 23 dogs. These bungalows are fairly small as you can see, the dogs were tiny ones and didn't give much trouble to us, I used to think they were quite cute actually! Times have changed, the 'cute' ones are long gone, they now seem to have re-homed dogs all the time, how they get them I do not know, nor where from!

The dogs they have now are all different sorts, some are what I call medium size, some are rather large, I don't know the breeds. They are left daily for long lengths of time on their own, and, because of this, they bark and howl and jump and crash around inside the bungalow.

We are attached to this monstrosity, I am paranoid of the adjoining wall getting mould and falling down. It is no fun living here I can tell you. We cannot use our back garden as the smell is disgusting on a hot day, on a rainy day, oh I just don't want to go there. You have no idea.

WHY am I putting this on here?

I am actually sick and tired of people NOT believing me about this, so I have taken pictures of the back, front, and sides of the bungalow for you to see what I have to put up with on a daily basis.

I try desperately to 'blank' this all out, but very occasionally it gets me down. My friends up the top help me out when this happens.

Oh yes, you may like to know the RSPCA seem to feel they are all OK, tickety-boo as it were, hmmm, also the Environmental Department said...we have no case to answer!
Here are the pictures.....
OUR FRONT GARDEN - from the road
I don't keep the bins at the front of the house, it was bin collection day...

this one looking towards the road...

Now the journey begins -
do click on the pictures to get a better view...

this picture is just the other side of our fence for the front garden,
we erected it to try to stop some of these weeds invading our garden,
didn't work...

their front garden - did I say garden??

underneath their bedroom windows, front of house...

side view - not the car that belongs to the next person up the street,
I have noticed a lot of this has been cleared away,
there was massesof furniture there,
I wonder where it has all gone!!!!
They keep their bins there all the time by the way...

These pictures are of the back garden [!], you can see
some of the little dogs in their cages, runs, whatever you want to call them...
This first one has fungi growing inside on the ceiling...

Nice repairs!!!!

See why we have a fence!!!

The bike has all but disappeared, looks as though
more cages are going to go up...

none of these 'runs' are fixed properly to the ground,
so when the bigger dogs are in them and they jump up at them,
they move and rattle for ages...

They have something similar to this indoors,
honest they do, I have seen it,
it has replaced a wooden door,
when the indoor dogs jump up it,
the clang through the walls is horrendous...

The sun was out it was fairly hot..can you see a water bowl?


Some of these dogs are shown at Dog Shows all over the country, it defies belief I know. When the shows are on the dogs are left for even longer amounts of time. We are known as a Nation of dog-lovers. What has gone wrong here? These dogs are not treated as pets, they aren't walked at all, they aren't fussed, they aren't loved. I fail to see why they keep adding more and more.

So what is my point of all this? As I said before, it is to prove to Doubting Thomas, this, is what I have to put up with, and why? Because we are Private Owners, if this had been Council Property, you can bet your bottom dollar this would not have been allowed to happen.

I hate this ugliness on my Blog, but I have to say I feel so much better doing this, hopefully proving my point.

Now, if only they would invent 'smelly vision' you could have the FULL EFFECT.


Angela said...

Oh Jan I really feel for you - it must be awful! Is there a lot of noise too? No wonder you want to move, I would too. What a pity the council can't or won't do anything about it!! When they come knocking for your vote in the next couple of weeks why not try a bit of blackmail??
Good luck!
Angela x

searchfamilies said...

Hi Janet
Try getting on to the council even if a place is privately owned they can help
Hugs Janice

maggi said...

I do feel for you. I presume that you have been keeping a diary of the specific inconveniences - that's what councils usually expect you to do. I would keep on badgering them. As for the RSPCa - the only way to get action from them is to get Rolf Harris to visit!

Anonymous said...

That is so so awful for you , I am a pet lover , those people are not, or the conditions would be spotless, you say they show the dogs , send the photos to the kennel clubs, and to dog show organisers , and R,S,P CA get local councellors round to look at the problem, explaining to them the problem , and you are overpayibg on your taxes, etc. because of odours contact doctors and health people, because of stench, it is affecting your health, their is a health, stress problem etc. I would try that avenue, then armed with paperwork , get your MP involved, throw the book at them.....
have you had the enviromental health people round,
Sorry I am getting on my high horse here.....but if people have lots of dogs ,then they should be cared for properly, once again rotten lazy owners.

sending you a hug.

Reflections of life and art said...

My heart goes out to you Jan....that's just plane nasty!!!!
Too bad your city doesn't give them a violation citation and then fine them if they don't clean up...evern the board of you have that over ther.....who knows what diseases are being cultivated over there....I'd want to move too....oh I was never a doubting Thomas....see you do know scripture...VBG!!!


jan said...

Thank you everyone for your comments and thoughts. I do appreciate it. Have been very down yet again about this problem, have to rise above it.