Sunday, 21 June 2009


These are the two blocks I originally planned for the Group to make,
I soon realised they would have trouble with the one on the left,

I altered it ever so slightly, problem solved...

As you can see, they liked the simple block, it is known as
9 patch variation but I called it the Sweet block...

When the second block was made, I played with the layout
with the finished ones and this appeared...

My new lady Bridget, who is totally new to patchwork,
managed to make this block, when I point out to you
the blue fabric was linen and the red a kind of stretchy stuff,
you will realise she did very well to get it done;
she bought some 100% cottons at the end of the day...

These fabrics have been donated by MAKOWER UK
for the Soldier Quilts...
Many thanks MAKOWER

These blocks were donated by a lady who went into the Poppy Patch shop
and gave them in to be used in a Soldier Quilt,
many thanks to you

three more donated blocks from the shop by unknown person;
thank you to you


These very green blocks will be turned into a quilt by me for the
Quilt Set's Charity Raffle this year, someone at the group will win it,
ALL the money collected goes to the Charity chosen,
What a lot of blocks were made by the group...


These three blocks were donated for the Soldier Quilts by 3 members of my group.

Without meaning to sound ungrateful, I have to say I was very upset at the response from my group for these, I really expected more from them after explaining what we were doing.
So many blocks and finished quilts had been donated from other groups, after they heard about it
- from our group -
I was totally gobsmacked at only receiving three blocks.
Am I asking too much?

At the end of the day, some of the ladies came to me and said they were going to make some blocks for the cause.....they will be well received.

I don't have the pictures yet of the Showtime stuff, they are
on my daughter's camera,
I will update this when I get her camera

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Vesuviusmama said...

Those 9-patch variations (or Sweet blocks) are great. Seeing your 2 block setting gives me an idea to deal with a medallion quilt that has stumped me...

Thanks for visiting my blog earlier. Once I get an address for you, your package is ready to be mailed :)