Wednesday, 15 September 2010


I did tell you I had a wonderful gift from Maggi didn't I. Here it is, a Nutmeg bag she calls it, I call it a work of art, I have never seen or been given something so beautiful, I have taken lots of pictures to try to show you  how gorgeous it is. Thank you Maggi so much I love it

and inside were these gorgeous buttons...

Follow that, as they say. Well, here is a small quilt I have made with some of the 52 blocks from last year...
More will follow as this is only 12 blocks.
I don't like this page layout but I cannopt find the old style layouts, anyone got any ideas for me, all the pictures seem to be squashed with this layout. I will have to search a bit more.


maggi said...

Thank you Jan, I am so glad that you liked it. Love the little quilt but I'm afraid that I can't help you with Blogger layout.

Pat B said...

I LOVE your little spice bag - I want it!!! Seriously, it really is beautiful and definitely a work of art, I just wish I could achieve something like that. You really are a lucky lady.
PS - belated happy birthday and see you Saturday.

Susan said...

Hi Jan
gosh how beautiful is the spice bag Maggie made you. what a talented lady. Happy belated Birthday wishes form Liverpool my friend. Love Susan xx

searchfamilies said...

The bag is very pretty, love your quilt
Hugs Janice

Noel said...

That is a beautiful little bag, so delicate looking...never heard of one of those before but it is absolutely beautiful....Maggie you did a wonderful job. Your quilt is great too Jan!
Hugs, Noel