Wednesday, 4 November 2009


Tuesday evening was spent finishing bits and pieces off and playing.
I am very pleased with myself because I managed to finish 3 yes THREE Journal pages
which I am doing on the PP Forum - my theme is Windows, here are the latest three...



MAY - Front


 JUNE - Front


Aha - now this next piece was going to be the April one but I rejected it,

Not at all happy with the back of it...


These are going to wing their way to my friend Tonya,
she makes bags with them - they are empty...

These are all going to be winging their way to various parts of the World -
who will they be for - aha not telling...

this is the QTC

to show you the difference in size I have put the QTC on top of one Postcard...

another QTC...

Whilst sorting out my Postcards the other day, I came across quite a lot which I had stupidly written on the backs - you see I always used to make two of each I made,  then I would write on the back what swap it was for and to whom I had sent the other card. Well, I decided that was a waste of cards, so I pulled all the backs off the ones I had written on, Postcards and QTC's and have redone them with fresh backs, they are all now useable, makes sense really. These are the QTC's I have redone. Just in case you are querying, YES they are MINE all mine,  I would NEVER vandalise a card which had been sent to me. I treasure them all, I have some truly wonderful Postcards and QTC's from people all round the World.

New Backs

These are the fronts

This one too, was renewed, I am just showing you how it works -
you can see I made this one in 2008

Look what I have done....I have got blooming felt tip on my new table...ARGH!!!

This is my very latest card - it is themed HARVEST -
all I will say it is like a book, Irene hasn't received it yet, so I cant show you the inside...

There we are then, you see I have been busy, finishing and playing with bits and pieces. I will tell you what I have been playing with in another post - that is how I got the felt tip on the table!


Before I go though, I am putting here my GIVE AWAY for my Blogoversary -
that word nicked from Maggie, sure she wont mind me using it.
I have decided to Give Away this bag I made recently, all you have to do is leave me a comment at the end of this post, letting me know you would like to win it.
If you pass a comment about anything else on this post I will enter you twice,
OK, here is a picture of the bag.



Anonymous said...

Hi Jan,
please enter me in to your giveaway for that wonderful bag. I really like the postcards and qtc's that you make. They are fantastic!


Rosa-Munda said...

Jan, Well done with all those lovely journal quilts, and the explanations on the reverse - what a good idea. Your blog-o-versary bag is very pretty, congratulations on reaching a momentous 2 years. Ros

Anonymous said...

Goodness, Jan - of course I'd love to win that bag!! (And the postcards are grogeous too...) :)


Leah said...

Hey Jan,

Your work is wonderful as always. I like looking at all the things you create. I really like your journal pages. They are all beautiful, but my favorite is the April one you discarded. I love that stitching pattern and the colors. Perhaps you can just use the front part in another project, a bag perhaps or the center of a table topper/runner.
Congratz on your blogaversary. :)


Tonya's Sewing Room said...

oh lala, that bad would sooo match my green bag. how cool to have two? gosh, aren't I a pig, wanting two bags. and my ole my, writing on that new table with that felt tip marker, shame on you!! I love your postcards and I treasure the one you sent me with bingo fat quarters. mine is framed and on my sewing table for all to see.

Myfanwy said...

Janet, your stitching is beautiful. I can see that it will go very well with your embellished pieces when you get goint......

Anonymous said...

I would love to win your beautiful bag, I love your postcards and journals ,,,, wonderful


Vesuviusmama said...

Three finishes!?! Good for you! They are all so creative! And the one you rejected for April, that's probably my favorite one - I guess I'm not as critical as you are. Anyway, great job on everything you showed today - you are so creative. And, of course, I would love to enter your giveaway...

Pat B said...

I would love to win that bag so please enter me in the drawing. I bet you are pleased to get so many things finished now that the old machine is back in service.

Di said...

As always my friend, your work is beautiful. I am in awe at what you do. Whatever you do is superb be it quilting, blogging ........ Maybe one day I will get round to trying Geta's technique but there is that boring old thing called 'work' that is getting in the way. I would love to win the bag.

maggi said...

Congratulations doubled, your blogaversary and the Journal Quilts which, incidentally are lovely.

Reflections of life and art said...

Oh please enter me in your giveaway...but I want the runner up bag...hee hee...the "Dragonfly"'s so your QTC's and your postcards too...I found a box of unfinished ones...perhaps after the first of the year we can do a couple of exchanges too!
Have a wonderful weekend my friend...oh this is way toooooo long!That's ok if I don't win because of laptop is in repair and I'm not able to get on the internet much this week....hope to catch up next week...good luck to the winners!!

Maggie said...

Hi Jan
please enter me in your giveaway for one of your wonderful bags
your QTC's and postcards are fab

Carol said...

I received the purple feathery sparkly one. It is lovely. Thanks.