Wednesday, 11 November 2009


Today - being 11 November, I found there was to be a service on the box in the corner for Remembrance Day, at 11o/clock.............11.11.11 Important date and time.

I don't normally watch TV in the day, but was pleased I watched this. It was really interesting, the story of how the Unknown Soldier was told and shown in old movie pictures, I had never seen it, and didn't know the history of it either. Now how can that be, to get to my age and NOT know this. My schools badly slipped up there if you ask me. Also on were snippets from the last three veterans who all sadly passed away this year. My mind can clearly still see Harry Patch, sitting in his wheelchair, saying...

"If anyone tells you they went over the top and weren't scared - he is lying"

and the most memorable sentence ever.....

"War is legalised Murder"

Bless him he will be sorely missed, and bless all our Soldiers, where ever they are,doing what they call, 'their job'  my heart goes out to all the Families of those serving in war-torn places. These are very bad days for us, such dreadful news almost every evening. Sometimes I just cannot bear to watch it. 
Take care each and everyone of you when you have to go and do your tour of duty.

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Rosa-Munda said...

Jan, I don't think we realise just what it feels like to be in the front-line taking risks every day. It was brought home to me last week when Tim told me that a friend's brother had been one of the recent road-side casualties. How on earth do you deal with that? It is just too awful for words. Ros