Friday, 13 November 2009


Here are the samples I made at the ? Embellishing class I went to...

We had to have a piece about 5" square and embellish with bits we had brought with us to see the re-action of it all, this is the front, I don't know where the picture of the back has gone - it is Friday 13th after all!!

and more of the same.....

and again = boring isn't it...

Now it is the afternoon -
we are to make a flower!!!!
I have to say it has got flattened as I slung it in a box...
I didn't bother finishing it either, it should have beads in the middle and a pin on the back,

then -
we had to lay strips of stuff, whatever, onto a backing of felt, and felt them down -
I don't know the technical terms yet!! -
We were then to cut them into straight lines, mix them up refelt them together and voila -
As you can see - I cut curved lines, I do like to be different!!
Excited yet?

and Basically that was it.
What did I learn - Nothing
Did I enjoy the Class - You gotta be kidding
Would I go again - Never in a million years

On a good note I am awaiting my book from Myfanwy so I can learn PROPERLY

Actually before I went to this class, I played with the embellisher machine on my own and produced these two pieces of work -
this is supposed to be the sun setting...

I prefer this side personally...

and this was supposed to depict the sea with some dunes...

Not sure which side I prefer of this one

I did these on a piece of sew in Vylene, so they are really soft and pliable as you can see,
here I am screwing it up in my hand, Oh, I also took this to class and dunked one in some
water as one of the girls wondered what happened if the felting got wet - nothing did -
Took a while to dry out though, hahahaha

Hmm, things, as they say, can only get better!!

Found the back of the first one....

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