Thursday, 5 November 2009


Here are some up to date links for you regarding Myfanwy's book and shop. I had an email from Myfanwy letting me know these better links. Many thanks for that, I am posting the whole email so you can see where Myfanwy is going to be for classes etc etc.


You may prefer to change the link for the scarves to as the one that you have only goes to the picture, also the book link could go to as I always have a book on there too.

This is really kind of you, and I hope we can meet at a workshop of something at some point. We will be at Cottenham, just north of Cambridge at Textiles in Focus in February and the Festival of Quilts in August if we don't meet up before. I can give you more information nearer the time.


This might be a better link to the book. The DVD will also be listed here as soon as it is available, or when I have a little more information.

There you go folks I hope this helps out.

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maggi said...

That is really useful. Can't wait to see the FOQ programme.