Friday, 13 November 2009


Here I am then at part 5, I do hope you have read the others...
Here are things I have received from lovely lovely people - out of the blue...
First from my third daughter - aha surprise -
 Little Di, she is my daughter Suzanne's friend, but calls me mum,
I have got ROBBIE his latest CD WOW Thanks Little Di

SO you can see it better...
It is great, go buy it...

Then from Marian, off the PP Forum, we, that is, Marian, Annette and myself, are doing swaps and stuff between us and Marian has come up with an idea - she has sent a package to us... here it is;

and inside, was this wonderful fabric. We have got to make something - whatever we wish to make -with it
She is interested to see the different things made with just one piece of fabric, we got a yard each, Rebecca, got a piece of Bratz fabric... here is the fabric... I love it Marian, I also have an idea............

Here are some strips of all sorts of fabrics, I have been cutting for my friend Tonya, she is making a quilt with 1" strips - crazy girl - so I said I would cut some for her, I have a way to go as yet, thought they looked pretty though like this.... that is 1/2" finished strips folks!!!!!!!

Now this needs an apology from me My lovely Susan in Liverpool sent me this for my birthday and I forgot to put it up here for all to see, it is a piece of fabulous fabric and some threads, along with a beautiful card, many many thanks belatedly Susan, I hope you forgive me. xxxx

This is something different, I have been clearing out patterns I no longer want or will make and offered them up, all I asked was people to send me a fat quarter of cream fabric for said pattern of their choice, I received this from Pamela, with an extra of the pattern of the bag, thank you Pamela very much...

There we are then folks, I hope I have held your attention for a little while and also hope you enjoyed all these piccies, I am off to finish a Quilt now. Bye, do call again.


Reflections of life and art said...

Happy Friday the 13th to you my friend....what lovelies....I still owe you a birthday gift....sorry you will have to wait until after the will be a surprise!
That fabric Marian set you gals is nice...I'll be looking for results...even from Reb and her Bratz fabric...perhaps she can make a doll.
As for the CD...I know you like this put on his tunes and sew away!!

searchfamilies said...

Hi Janet
I will do this one post to all of your bits which you done in to parts.
Yes Rememberance day was one to reflex on, on a lighter note i always remember a series called Saphire & Steel Joanne Lumbley & David McCullen they did one which was about the 1st WW & all the elevens.
Quilt & bags look great, the postcards also are really nice
You got some great gifts all very nice.
Well hope that things are going your way more & that you can get all you want to do done take care
Hugs Janice

Tonya's Sewing Room said...

WAIT? When was your birthday? huh huh, do tell......did I miss this big day?

maggi said...

I've only been away from the computer for a few days and what goodies I have missed. Your postcards are fantastic. A belated Happy Birthday. Sorry about the embellisher course, it is a pity that it wasn't more inspiring but I am sure you will enjoy the book when it arrives..