Tuesday, 19 October 2010


I have been experimenting at the weekend with my camera. I have of course only had it for hmmm years!! But then I am sure you have things which you d not use to their full potential too. I am at last having a go with the VIDEO on it. Further down you will see my first ever video - that is if it ever stop loading on here, been 18 minutes so far and the video is only 50 seconds!!!! Work that one out. I do wonder if I am doing anything wrong, but have checked and re-checked and all appears to be tickety boo. We shall see. Anyway before you get to see that you have to look at all the stills I have here for you, they are o various things as I am once again behind in all I do. Getting to be the norm for me. Off we go then..

.A lovely piece of lilac fabric and a tin of sweets in a super TWILIGHT tin from Fiona,
she had one of my patterns I put up for swaps, thank you Fiona, perfect...
 I swapped some fabric with Caz for a Chenille Cutter,  I have been experimenting with it,
these to cards are my first attempts at using it...
 I am in a MAKER's CHOICE swap on Janice's Yahoo Group
I chose brown and cream for the colours folk should use,
here is a fabulous block from Carolyn, thank you so much, I love this...
Finally loaded the pictures from my group's day for you - enjoy.
The first two pictures are of the BLOCK LOTTO we had,
they had to make a block using BLACK & WHITE only, some fabulous blocks here...
I can't remember which ones one, sorry...
after it had been demolished by all the frantic buying, those shelves were full...
gorgeous fabrics...
I bought loads of stuff, well, I sew a lot!!! Di took a picture of all my bargains, so I
quickly nipped over to where she sat and tipped all hers out and did likewise ---children!!!!
Just look at all this......
The following pictures are of our SHOWTIME,
sadly we didn't have a lot on this month, I have given them a talking to !!! for next month....
This was done by Linda, gorgeous colours, batiks of course...
 WOOHOO, Kate has finished her DJ Quilt, she said she was glad it was done out of the way!!!!!
Looks good to me Kate, what's the problem me dear?
 This super 9 Patch Lap Quilt was made by Lisa, of THE QUILT TOP,
she is coming on in leaps and bounds, love these colours...
 Lisa also made this gorgeous Pinwheel Lap Quilt,
I could live with this...
 and once again this runner was made by Lisa,
- I think it was using up the scraps left over from other projects -
she has been a busy girl, well done they are all great...
 These are just two of a set of six Place Mats made by Bridget for a friend,
Card Trick design,
 Owl made by Annette for Rebecca,
then of course I wanted one, hahahaha...
A few months back at the Quilt Set, Rebecca won the Block Lotto with her Pink Sewing Machine block,
this is the Quilt that has resulted from those winning blocks, her mum, auntie, myself and Bridget all made her one extra block to make it a decent size. Due to the volume of Homework she now gets, she is unable to do much sewing, and as she wanted this done for this Saturday's Showtime table, her mum quilted it for her, but Rebecca chose the layout and the fabrics to use. Good choices too, well done, both of you...
Here is a rare picture of Lisa and hubby Neill of THE QUILT TOP
I wonder what they are looking at?
Could it be....
This Quilt they are looking at?
I made this for them, it is called 'THE FISHY QUILT'
They asked me could I make it and so -
job done...
After that I went round the whole room taking pictures of the ladies and the piece of work they had been working on throughout the day, I hope you enjoy all these pictures. I had given the ladies the option of making either a Quilt, Table Runner, Placemats, or basically anything they wished with the pattern I provided.
 What a very neat and tidy work area...
Have you noticed all the tea and biccies about? Really important part of the day.
Same Quilt as above but this was with the light behind it, fabulous effect I thought...
Last but not least is Suzanne with what she achieved today,
along with all the running around she has to do, well done...
the moment you [and I] have been waiting for, my first ever video for my Blog.
It is of all the PURR-chases I made from THE QUILT TOP,
enjoy looking as much as I will enjoy using them all.
Remember, this is my first video, I think I was holding my breath as I did it, hahaha.


GORGEOUS or what!
To finish I have two different items, the first is a Quilt Annette has finished - finally - her word not mine,
her WATERFALL Quilt, I just love this, it looks great on her wall at home, be even better in mine!!!
Well done Annette.
and now for something completely different...
Suzanne was bought a RALLYING DAY by hubby Richard,
look closely you can see her at the wheel -
she is smiling too.
Well that is all for now, I do hope you have enjoyed all these and you will leave a comment for me to see what you think.
Until the next time, thanks for stopping by.


Di said...

I'm impressed with your video and didn't we all do well with our runners!!!

Pat said...

WOW....I thought you said the gals didn't have much to show...it sure looked like a lot to me!!! I think my favorite is the batik one near the beginning that looks like stained glass. Thanks for taking the time to share all of this.

searchfamilies said...

What great showtime it lovely seeing the runners & quilts i have my top done for the runner using that block & hope to work on it when i get the wadding i have ordered.
Love Rebecca's quilt very nice as is all the quilts & other items
Love Carolyn's block very nice
Hugs Janice

Tonya said...

wow, so many pretty things.....

Cath said...

You've certainly made up for lost time there Jan! Very enjoyable going through all those gorgeous quilts and purchases, and very well done for the video too....multi talented you certainly are ;>)))

maggi said...

Fantastic post as usual. Your fish quilt is really lovely. Well done to Rebecca and Annette for their lovely quilts. I can't believe how much fabric is in that video, which, incidentally, came out perfectly.
I am very envious of Suzanne' present - does she get tuition from Sebastian Loeb? (swoon- must be that French accent!!)

Maggie R said...

Hi Jan...
What a wonderful show and tell..
I was trying to find your video but no luck!
Thanks so much for sharing.

I must thank you again for the lovely Happy Birthday Song...You were in great voice!!!VBG
I've had so much cake this past week I'm all caked out!!!