Tuesday, 14 December 2010


I found these little bits in a bbox when I was looking for something. Anyone want one? Let me know.

I then decided to pull out a few UFOs to take pictures of for the
Popular Patchwork Forum UFO CLUB,
Katy is running it next year, I am having a rest.
From just two boxes I pulled this lot out.
Rebecca started holding them then I took over when her poor arms got tired.
HOW MANY...just two boxes!!

Liberty Log Cabin
 Trying to remember this one, I think it was blocks made for me...
 Ahhhh. Baby Dinos...

 I designed this for Makower...
ditto - think I moved here!!!

Ah, this one I made when I liked white as a background...

I am hoping to finish one UFO per month - or more - next year. These have been waiting to be finished for way too long now. I want them done and out of the way. As I finish them I will put the info and year on them. Too lazy to find the it right now.


maggi said...

You certainly are going to be busy next year - just for a change!!

Pat said...

Oh, my goodness.....you better start now and NOT stop for a LONG time if you want to get all that done and still leave time for new projects, too!! LOL

Tonya said...

If I were over there, I'd say box it up and send it all to me. I could use some of it for my Project Linus. I love those T's

luv2quilt2 said...

Oh my goodness you've got a lot of work ahead of you. Good luck!

Rosa-Munda said...

Good luck with that lot!! Ros x

Anonymous said...

love the last one that Reb is holding up. what a little trooper she is

searchfamilies said...

Oh i love the Christmas ones they are really nice
Also love your other work well done, i need to pull my finger out & do more
Hugs Janice