Saturday, 29 January 2011


Well I have just discovered I have made yet another mistake!! Nothing new there then. I will point it out to you later down the page.  As the title of this post says, I think!! I am up to date now here on my Blog. Then again!!!! Anyway here goes.......

This is a Christmas Card I made for Lynne, the Leader of the Embellishment group I am in, this is the front and....
this is the back - the front was all done on the Embellisher machine, but the back consists of only the parcels done on the EM, I had great fun making it...
The four following Postcards are from Angela, you may remember we had entered a private swap between ourselves of sending a Postcard each month to each other, I sent Hats themed cards to Ange and she sent me these fabulous Edwardian Lady cards...
PLUS, Angela made me this as an extra gift, a cute little bag of the
Edwardian Lady Fabric, thank you so much Ange, I love it along with the cards,
what will we do this year?
Aren't I lucky, aren't you jealous...
I had put on my Blog before Christmas I think, I had some little mats to give away, well, my lovely friend Joan asked could she have one of them, as no one else showed any interest I sent all four to her and just look what she sent to me for exchange, I definitely feel I got the better deal. Thank you Joan, you are a star...
Joan also sent me the letter 'K' postcard from a swap I had set up,
how neat is this, a Key ring with one of those trolley coin thingies,
Cheers Joan...
Another swap I am in, it is a Row by Row swap,
this is my row from Jytte, I think it is fabulous, thank you so much Jytte..
This is where my mistake starts folks - remember this Row
Yet another swap, this was a block swap on Janice's group,
I had asked for Cream and Brown blocks, and just look at this beauty from
Karen, thank you so much...
Before Christmas I had a purge on some really old UFO's I wanted to
get some done out of the way, I managed to finish off TWO -
the first is of some Funky Chickens doing a chicken dance it looks like, it did
have a wide border on it but I hated it, so ripped it off and feel it is the better without it, I backed it with some lime green fleece, yep LIME GREEN...
close up...
Ohh this one is just sooo old I cannot begin to tell you how old,
anyway it is finished now, all I had to do was put the binding on...
I bought all these fabrics with a view to using them for my DEAR JANE QUILT,
once I had washed them all I decided not to use them for it, I have another plan for the DJ quilt, it will take a while to do so you wont be seeing it for quite some time yet. Meantime, this fabric will go into the Cupboard for use on something else - who knows..
I also feel that pink at the top really does not go with the rest.
What do you think?
Rebecca made these cute little bags for her friends for Christmas presents,
they are about 5" high and wide, well done Rebecca, two fat quarters made the four...
Recognise anyone??????
and I don't mean Rosemary Conley, although that is her...
Ho Hum here comes that mistake I told you about...
On the Popular Patchwork Forum,  I  joined a Friendship Block swap run by
the lovely Rosemary, when it came round to my turn to receive blocks, I asked for
a plain black background with one bright circle to be appliqued on it,
anywhere and any size, these are the blocks I have received to date, I believe I have one more to come. Now, because I had been ill I had a huge stack of post to open, Rebecca helped me and was very methodical in opening the envelope, writing a name on a slip of paper and placing it on the block or card or whatever she had opened - then I started to help and this is when it went wrong as you will see later down the page... hee hee, I had been ill is my excuse!!!!!

Here we go, this is when I started to help, I put Jytte's label on this block,
the block is MARIAN's, the label is wrong folks, apologies to M, I know she will forgive me cos she is me mate...
Thank you girls, sorry M and Rosemary for the confusion :-(
On looking at all the above, I can see I am NOT up to date yet, I have a few more things to do yet, but that will be another day now. This is enough to be going along with for anybody I feel. Hope you are not bored yet!!!


Tonya said...

wow, you've really been busy, i like the chickens, so cute.....

cookie said...

Hi Jan, busy Lady. lovely Cards and the chickens are just awesome and I realy would like to find out what are you going to do with the circles? I think the colour comes out great with the black backround.
About your Fabric for the JD, I do not like pink and would keep that one out.

maggi said...

Lovely array of gifts Jan. I am so glad that you seem to have recovered. Cute chickens. Well done to Rececca for helping you out.