Sunday, 6 March 2011


Craft Market...don't ask. What a complete waste of time it was. I arrived the usual bouncy friendly self said 'hello ladies' [six of them] just sitting there staring into space!! That should have told me the sort of day I was in for. I made them all talk to me though, [as I do] in the end they began to even talk to each other. It is not hard is it for goodness sake.
No-one came in so I went down to the shop and asked for a stack of leaflets about the Craft Market then Rebecca and myself toured the town handing them out. My job? No of course not but I wanted people to come. Which very slowly they did. Looked but didn't buy.   3P situation. 
Actually Rebecca sold a Postcard and Suzanne sold a Postcard. Wheeeeeee....
At 2:00pm I said shall we pack up now? Suzanne said to wait till half past, so I sat down for first time of the day twiddled my fingers for a bit, then jumped up !!! started packing, I had had enough of being bored for one day thank you very much.
Would I be back next month they asked?
After I had picked myself up off the floor through laughing I told them no I don't think so.
What a shame they said because, 'I did really well in November' said one wait for it........

"I took £9.00"

I dare not look at anyone least of all Suzanne.

Well that was my venture into the local Craft market, been there done that as they say.
EBay here my things come.
So Maggi I didn't cry because I sold my stuff, I didn't cry at all, only through laughing.

Thank you Janice and Pat for popping in to see me there I appreciated it.  Janice I will be in touch.


Noel said...

Ahaha...I recently went through that same situation on it was for craft items...I loaded lots of crafty ink pads, rubber satmps, paper, punches...etc...priced so low and I didn't sell enough to put a dent in like you EBAY here it comes at a much higher price too!

Glad you laughed about it was an not to be!


Tonya said...

that was your humor in a bad situation...

searchfamilies said...

It a shame that you didn't do better, i have done a sort of bric-brac craft one many years ago it was inside a big hall so may be you do better at a indoor car boot stating that your items are new or a craft fair
I do feel that where it is & the size of it lets it down plus if you hadn't told me it was on i wouldn't have know & i come under the town of Kettering so how can you do well if people don't know
May be you could even think of hiring a hall & get others to have a stall so you get people in
Well good luck with the selling i have e-mailed you
Hugs Janice

Angela said...

Oh Jan, I'm sorry it was so bad...but I do know exactly how you felt! I don't know if I've already told you but a friend and I used to make cards (much the same as the ones I make now with fabric) and try (try being the operative word) to sell them at craft fairs. We went all over the place - even as far as Wigan Pier - and always thought, well maybe next time we'll do better...we never did. The thing is that people want something for nothing and even eBay isn't a good place to sell - I'd look around if I were you - try Folksy or Etsy. But watch the final value fees - yesterday DH sold a watch on ebay for £51.99 - ebay took 10% of that in fees!!! Paypal took about 5% - so shop around Jan :o( x

Helen said...

I'm sorry it turned out to be so least you kept smiling! Good luck with ebay/folksy/etsy.

Cath said...

It really is disheartening when that happens Jan, especially when you have really lovely stuff to sell. Are there any gift shops in your area? We have a couple locally that have recently opened, and they seem to sell quite a lot of crafty type things made locally. I think if they are well made, lots more people seem to be appreciating original hand-made gifts, as against mass produced stuff. Obviously the shop will take a commission, but at least you can offer them on a sales or return basis, and not waste a day trying to sell them in an empty market!!

cookie said...

So sorry you did not good at the craft fare.You sure had lovely Items especially those bags. I just picture you there getting them going and talking to each other. Good for you that you came out smiling.


Susan said...

Oh Jan! what a shame. Your work is so lovely but I know what you mean about the 3p syndrome, people want everything for nothing. But hey you bit the bullet and gave it a go, which is more than what most of us do. I am sure you will find your little niche. hugs and love Susan xx

Anonymous said...

Oh dear Jan, thank goodness you still have your sense of humour!!