Thursday, 28 July 2011


I had a speedy visit last Friday from my Friend Ros from the PP Forum. Her son was attending a weekend retreat just over the road from where we live so she text me to see if she could call in for a quick visit.
OF COURSE you can, any time Ros.
Anyway, bless her she arrived about sevenish and said she was only here for about half an hour, hee hee, about two hours later, sorry Ros, she went home with a boot full of my junk. Again, sorry Ros. No, not junk really, it was old magazines which I no longer wanted and I knew Ros would make good use of them for herself or for others, also some of Rebecca's old board games which she has outgrown but were in top condition and too good to sling to a Charity shop, I don't know about you but the ones here in Northampton do not look after the items donated to them at all, sooo Ros had about 4 - 5 carriers of those, also I found some blocks and odd bits of fabric I didn't want, oh yes and two quilts which I was supposed to raffle but was unable to, so I know Ros will use them either for her Church Funds or whatever. I have a lovely lot of space now, in fact I had one whole empty cupboard, which Ros was amazed at - hee hee - I had plans for that straight away.
Anyway when she left she told me she was back on Sunday to pick her son up from said retreat sooo hubby suggested she come for the day and have dinner with us and stay til it was time for the pick up. She agreed to come, so on Sunday, we had a lovely time, cos I told her to bring her machine with her and I could show her whatever she wished me to, which was how to do Feather quilting on her machine, which is a Bernina similar to mine. Wahey!
I am so cross with myself for not taking any pictures of the time we had together that day, most unlike me, but I have to tell you Ros picked up the feather quilting very quickly and I am now looking forward to seeing what she does with her new skills.
Thank you for coming Ros I really enjoyed our day and I have to say many thanks for the gifts you brought for us all, plants and seeds for the garden, fabrics and pattern for Rebecca, chocolates for Annette. You spoilt us.
I hope your son has another retreat very soon and that you will come again.
Meantime YOU can visit Ros' Blog here....

This evening I managed to finish the nine items I spoke about in the last post. Pictures tomorrow folks. I am really chuffed with myself to get them all done so quickly, even though one of them is tiny. That means NINE ufo's done and dusted.

I have just realised I haven't heard from my friend Susan, that she has received the Postcard I made for her, she asked if I wanted to do an Alien swap with her, Yes, of course I did I love making the postcards, anyway I got hers and made mine for her BUT she hasn't received it as far as I can tell.

My card FROM Susan...
 My card TO Susan, gone missing....
This really makes me cross as I put it in an envelope cos hubby thought it would get damaged as it has little button airplanes on it. Sometimes I could explode!!!!!!
It doesn't hurt but why does this happen to me, every time I have a blood test, my arm gets bruised.
 Hooray for Arnica...
                       I am putting these on here because I cannot remember whether or not I already have and I am too lazy to search....
From Ros...
 From Caz...
 Sent to, can't remember, sorry...
 Sent to - same as above - doh


Rosa-Munda said...

Jan, I had a brilliant day on Sunday. A huge THANK YOU to you for teaching me feather quilting and for your patience at my eratic sewing skills! THANK YOU to your hubby for the lovely lunch he cooked. THANK YOU to both you and Annette for all those brilliant mags, books, quilting and toys you sent me home with! And Rebecca, it was really lovely to meet you.
I'm struggling with the feathers - I haven't perfected it yet but I think my quilting skills are definitely improving (the tips you gave me were a great help).
Hope to have some photos for you soon. Ros xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Di said...

I get the bruising as well and the amount of bruising depends on who takes the blood. Perhaps you have a Mrs Dracula at your surgery???

jan said...

My pleasure - anytime.

Brutal aren't they, but they make good backgrounds for postcards hahahaha.