Wednesday, 19 October 2011


Well I don't understand this at all, I have been sewing away like crazy but this is all I can put up on odd!!!!  This first picture is of the supplies for a book I shall be having a go at making compliments of Jytte on the PP Forum....

... and this a Postcard sent to Maria from the Forum, the theme was 'Earliest Memories'  this caused quite a problem for me as I don't have good memories from long ago, but suddenly remembered my mum used to brush my hair til it shone, and yes, I was a Blondie until I was about 5, then it all went dark.
I must find out what has happened to all the stuff I have been doing of late, where is it all?


Maggi said...

Look forward to seeing the book. Just popped over to the Forum to have a look. Glad you found a good memory to use.

cookie said...

it be interesting to see your book.
I got most of my stuff together. The only thing missing is the time. I havent found the store jet that sales that item. lol

QuiltandPatch said...

looking forward to seeing your book! The postcard is lovely,how clever!

Cathy said...

Jan, I love that quilt that has on this page.

Really nice.