Saturday, 1 October 2011


Apologies going out to Liz who sent me some great stuff last week. I was sure I had put it on here, but on looking through I can see I hadn't. Sorry Liz, what will you think of me. Just look at these...
aren't they fabulous, lots of lovely glittery braids. I shall have great fun using those Liz.

This picture of this really funny book is for Kerstin, we were talking about it
at the Festival of Quilts this year and I said this was so me! Do you remember Kerstin?
I can't put the poem up but I am sure if you Google it, you will find it on the WWW somewhere, it is really funny, go have a look, then see if you agree this is me now?

Got to Go
The other day I went through my Quilts and Books and found lots of them which I feel I can part with now, some of the Quilts are old ones I made many years ago, some are recent ones. The Books are a real assortment. Until I get round to putting them on EBay, I am putting them on my other Blog, so if you fancy nipping over and having a look and even better, show an interest in anything, do get in touch with me for more information. Usual email address or as a comment under the item you like the look of. Cheers.



cookie said...

Hi Jan,

for me?? great. Yes we talked about the quilt that was quilted with that poem. Looking forward to receive it and read it.

hugs Kerstin

QuiltandPatch said...

Jan, Thanks you didn't have to advertise the fact that I sent you some goodies,they might all want some!! :-)
I didn't add what you sent me to my blog,oh dear what will you think of me? Hope you are well Jan. love Liz x

Anonymous said...

HI Jan, might not be in the right chat section but just been viewing your profile. Re Steve McQueen film, do you mean 'Love with the proper stranger' co starring Natalie Wood (1963)? Shame it isn't out on DVD yet, but you never know.....
Take care
lol Carol B

Maggi said...

Enjoy your braids and wearing purple!