Monday, 3 September 2012


Blogger Cal said...
That's terrible Jan, so blogger is not allowing to upload pictures? Can you just start another blog on another site and just put a link up so we know where to go? Sorry to hear about the mess!
September 02, 2012

Hi Cal,
They say I have used all my free space and now have to pay....I don't think so Blogger. I have to watch my money as it is so paying for Blog space just doesn't enter the equasion. I am investigating Word Press.....

Blogger Dar said...
I would think you could start another blog and call it Jans Muse continued, or go back and delete some of the older ones that are not as critical to your post. There has to be a way. Judy L has many more pictures than you, maybe she can advise you. Good luck and I hope you don't stop blogging. You can still "talk" to us for a while until you figure it out. It would be real sad for you to be gone forever.
September 02, 2012

Hi Dar,
I can start another Blog but I still wont be allowed to upload pictures, see reason above.....I will work something out I am sure....


Blogger Susan said...
hi Jan sorry ti hear your having probs with blogger. I hope you will still keep in touch my lovely friend and find a way to creating another blog. you will be very much missed.
:[ xx

September 02, 2012

Hi Susan,
I will work something out, just need to get it into my head what they are or rather have done to me..grrrrrr

Blogger Cookie said...
Hi Jan,
start a new blog. Im with Dar on this one. I would love to see you continuing with your blog and if not on this one than with a other blog.
hugs Kerstin

September 02, 2012

Hi Kerstin,
From 6th May this year Blogger has a new limit on loading photos apparently, I have reached it according to them so cannot load any more unless I pay...see answer to Cal annoying when the rules get changed.

Blogger Babs Banter/QUILTECH said...
Can't understand why you are having a problem, Jan. Have just posted some pics on my Blog.
September 03, 2012

Hi Babs,
no you are absolutely fine, I have been with Blogger for many years and have loaded zillions of photos I guess, so I really shouldn't grumble...but I will hahahaha ...I have used my allocation of free space Babs. I tried to be clever and load on one of my other blogs but same message comes up. I will probably have to move to Word Press if I continue doing Bloggin, I wonder will that be called Wording?????
Good to hear from you though.
jan x

OpenID sheppeylass said...
We'd be lost without you Jan!

I know with wordpress that there is a pic limit - I can either delete eralier entries or pay to upgrade to a higher limit.

September 03, 2012

Hi Fiona,
aha you have answered a query I had straight away, so there is a limit with them too, I shall have to see what it is as I am a prolific photo sharer.....hahahaha
I also went back to the beginning of my blog and deleted loads of stuff but it made no difference so I was REALLY annoyed then. Once the photos are on the page they are linked to Picasa and you cannot get away from it.
Oh well, it is not important I guess, it is just annoying me though.

Blogger Maggi said...
Start a new blog on Wordpress Jan. Annette's done it so can help you out and it really isn't hard at all. The other option would be to delete some of the photos on your very early posts.

Hi Maggi,
if you see what I answered to Fiona, you will see I have tried those options, but it made no difference as the pictures are in Picasa apparently and once there, that's it. Big Brother is watching me.
I just refuse to pay Maggi, I know it is not a lot but it is the principal of the thing, when I joined it was unlimited, now they have changed the rules.
Oh well....
I am wondering if these will get published.....just about to click so we shall see.

haha they have printed the little pictures of all of odd, they wont let me put others though.
I tried a picture and they printed it, I am going to try another about pushing your luck!!!!!!!
I don't get it, but I am not going to rock the boat right now.
I wonder if they ???? have read this and feel sorry for me?????


luv2quilt2 said...

I certainly hope you find an answer to this situation. If not, let us all know where your new blog is!!

Maggi said...

Well you have managed a couple of photos Jan. I still think that you need to go to Picasa and delete some earlier photos from there, it might do the trick.

Cal said...

Glad you managed to upload some pictures! If you reach a limit again, maybe you can squeeze another couple of years in wordpress!

Searchfamilies said...

Have you looked in to being able to use space from your internet provider or may be how about using Google to have photos on & just link to them from blog
Or May be as some said delete some how long is this limit for are they saying you can never upload anymore
How about if your DH did it or at least use his name lol
Hugs Janice