Monday, 24 September 2012


I am struggling to understand the new blog, it is very confusing to me for some reason. I just cannot get my head round it, after so many years of having this Blog I am finding it difficult to start learning all over again. I was reading the bits on Picasa tonight and it said I can load small pictures..hmm let's see.....

Well I wouldn't call that picture small but I best shut up cos it put it there. It is a quilt I have just finished for LOVEQUILTSUK, I didn't do the cross stitch pictures, they were done by some very talented girls at the LQ site, I just had to turn them into a quilt.

Oh I love this blog, I wish I could stay here.


Diane-crewe said...

awww! love to see you here ... even if only briefly xx

Maggi said...

Sorry you are still having problems, if only I lived closer I could sort it out for you. At least this one is working.