Thursday, 8 November 2007


I seem to be getting better at this blogging and posting lark. I have managed to post pictures onto one of the swap sites I am on. Actually created an album. Clever or what??
I have made a friend of the list mom plus her friend, so in time we may do separate swaps, apart from the group. That would be good. I have joined yet another swap group. Arghhh! Will I never learn? Ah well, we are only here once. May as well fill my time somehow.
Anyway, here are some of my Postcards I have made, just to prove I can post picture's AND sew. Oops, they are UP there. Haven't yet discovered how to move stuff around. Give me time......
I really should have got on with my Penguins today, but, didn't happen, goodness nows where the day went. I did manage to have a good clear out of a load of paper rubbish, and general tidy up, then I did some sewing, at last. I am trying to finish my two A4 pictures I started over two months ago!! I am getting close now.

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