Friday, 24 June 2011


OK it is official I have finally lost it!!!

I can't find a Quilt - this one -

this is the front...

this is the back...

Have I given it to you?
If I have that is absolutely fine, but I was sure it was in my pile of Quilts,
please put me out of my misery and let me know would you -
then I can tell Tessa, [who wishes to buy it from me.]
I am meanwhile, searching through my huge ever growing pile of Quilts for it.
groan groan groan


Maggi said...

Gorgeous quilt Jan. I hope you discover where it is/went.

jan said...

Tessa is going to think I am nuts, I had all the pile of Quilts I wish to GO in one pile on my table and now...pooft....gone, that darn one. Typical eh! Bet I have given it away. Sod's law.

luv2quilt2 said...

I hope you find (soon) where your lovel;y quilt has gone. My pile of quilts is small, but my pile of UFOs just continues to grow.

cookie said...

I hope you find it soon or that someone will take you out of missery. LOL.
May be one of these days I have a big pile too, but I seam to side with luv2quilt2 and have a big pile of UFOs. lol
To funny Jan.

jan said...

This is just crazy I cannot find the darn thing.
I know I made it!
Where has it gone?
Where are you?
Talk to me....

Anonymous said...

Maybe it just doesn't want toi leave home? Although it's due to go to a loving home?
Having similar problems here - with books at the moment! :;