Monday, 30 January 2012


One of our friends on the PP Forum was to have a serious operation and I emailed the ladies to see if we could make her a Quilt together. I asked them to applique a Heart onto an 8" cream square in either blue or mauve/lilac, which I knew to be her favourite colours. They were to send a message with the block consisting of FIVE words and I would put them on their block in the quilting. 
I had an amazing response to this request, I received 31 blocks plus one for the label from good old Tessa, I can always rely on her to do the ittybitty bits for me.
[OOPS! Two blocks arrived which were red, not to worry Janet, just make two more red ones and whack them in the corners - sorted.]
So 31 blocks, ho hum, what do you do? Well I made five to make the total 36, no problem, but I soon realised this was going to be everso slightly drab and would need 'cheering up' a tad. So I delved into my stash and found the very pretty Makower little flowers fabrics in lots of different colours. Perfect for the sashing I wanted to put round each block. The messages were stitched on, the sashing got done, now to the quilting.
This was not about me and my quilting so I did 'KISS' - you know - Keep It Simple Stupid - so the blocks were vermicellied lightly and the sashing had a wavy line with a small heart at each 'junction'.
So quilting done, binding next, what to put with all those colours now?? Stash comes in handy, I found a wonderful Batik of many colours which was absolutely spot on for the binding.
Next the label Tessa had made for the quilt. I hadn't a clue what to put on the label but remembered Tessa had sent me a note with her block with some beautiful words on it, so I used those for the label. Thank you Tessa.
I was determined to get this quilt done and in the post to be delivered on Saturday for Jytte. It was done in three days of solid sewing and quilting, and I loved doing every single stitch of it.
Enjoy Jytte from all your friends at PP Forum.
Following are all the blocks made by the lovely Forum ladies in the order they are on the Quilt....
Ros's block
 Juliet's block
 Carol B's block
 Kerstin's block
 Marian's block
 Jan's block
 Margaret S's block
 Annette's block
 Irene B's block
 Maggi B's block
 Reenie's block
 Ang's block
 BossyBoots block
 Sylvia's block
 Tessa's block
 Katy's block
 Dusie's block
 Caz's block
 Alison's block
 Fiona's block
 Pam's block
 Aude's block
 Lesley's block
 Rosemary's block
 Batty Jan's block
 Isabella's block -
Fiona's 7 year old daughter
 Tessa's block
 Catsmudge block [Sarah]
 Hoot hoot's block
 Di's block
 Jan's block
 Mal A's block
 Glenda's block
 Kate S's block
 Helen G's block
 Liz's block
 Label and words by Tessa
 The Quilt
 The back
 close up of back
 this is a close up of the block Katy made, it is so clever, a stencil of Jytte's name,
well done Katy :-)
You will have seen  MKH  on the label,
this is the equivalent of lol [lots of love] in Danish
I can tell you the Quilt has been delivered and Jytte loves it, she has given me permission to put it on here for the ladies to see their work, way too many photos for the forum pages. Well done to all the ladies who took part in the making of this Quilt.



Diane-crewe said...

what a wonderful way to cheer your friend up and let he know you all care for her xx

QuiltandPatch said...

Fantastic job ladies and Jan especially for putting it altogether!Ooops who didnt read the thread properly? So sorry Jan! Love Liz x

Susan said...

Hi Jan that is such a lovely thing to do. Its amazing how much love is in that quilt its beautifuland I am sure it will help in your friends recovery. xxx

Caz said...

Jan,,, you did a brilliant job of Jyttes quilt!!! XXXX for you!!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic Jan. didn't we do well!! Especially you.


Cal said...

This is such a fantastic project, really nice of you ladies, especially you Jan. Love the final quilt and all the messages quilted. By the way, what kind of thread do you use to do the written messages? The words come out really neat and readable.

Maggi said...

You did a brilliant job with this Jan. Glad you explained what MKH was, saved me a sleepless night!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic quilt thanks to your stitching and organisation Jan. You are a great friend with a big heart. I am sure Jytte will love being wrapped in it and our love. Thanks for putting up all the individual pictures.
Carol B xxx

Angela said...

Jan you have done an amazing job - it's beautiful! We certainly did do well and I'm so pleased Jytte is so thrilled with it.
Ang x

Irene said...

Jan you did an absolutely brilliant job with Jytte's quilt - it's lovely. You have a heart of gold.