Saturday, 23 June 2012


Today, one of the **** dogs next door howled and whined alternately for almost three hours. I was almost losing my mind, the pair of us were yelling through the wall for it to shut up...or words to that effect... it would stop for a second or two then start up again.  I rang the Environmental people and got an answer machine. I wonder when they will ring me back. I am SOOOOOOOOO ready for them.

I was just going to go round next door to kick their door in to get at it, when hubby mentioned someone had come home in the van. Now normally I do not move very fast due to dodgy legs but I was out that door like a veritable whippet. It was the son [yuk] he got out the van and I quite calmly said, one of your dogs has been howling and whining for almost 3 hours, he jumped down my throat saying...
'if I am not there how can I do anything about it, if I am there they behave'


The conversation I have to say disintegrated from that point, I didn't shout, I didn't lose my temper, but I was seething, he came out with a load of crap, you just never know what lies are pouring from their mouths with that family. I never believe them anymore whatever they say. All I wanted was for him to say.....Sorry.
I told him I had rung the Environmental people and he said---
'so what - they say there is no problem with our dogs.  You are the problem.'
Hmmm sorry NOT obviously in his vocabulary, he turned the whole thing around and was blaming me for it all in then end. He also remarked on some 'fly tipping' that had been done at the back of their fence at the back of their back garden - I use that word garden very loosely folks!!!!

I did see the disgusting settee that had been dumped there and meant to ring the Council but have been busy myself and forgot. Apparently he rang the Council and reported about the rubbish at the back, well excuse me while I just sit and bust myself laughing....has he seen his front 'garden' let alone the back one. Steptoe's yard is just not in it folks. It has to be seen to be believed. Crap as far as the eye can see.

So having got nowhere with this moron, I went in and I was shaking from head to foot and unable to breath properly, hubby was concerned he thought I would have a heart attack and said they would be pleased if I did. Do you know something, I am stating here and now IF I die from a heart attack it will be their fault through the stress they have caused me over the years. If they die...ooooo you best not ask, because I know what I am going to be doing.

It took me a long while to get my breathing under control. Hubby made me the much needed cot, I stomped about getting all the bits together for my groups meeting tomorrow. Then I went and did some quilting along to Robbie at Knebworth.
Window open wide, Robbie almost full volume and sewing machine going at top speed.
I do hope he heard it, but then again I don't think he did cos he was yelling at all the dogs to shut the ***** up.

My neighbour over the back has told me they have counted 15 dogs in there.

I rang the Environmental people and got an answer machine. I wonder when they will ring me back. I am SOOOOOOOOO ready for them.

Am I still angry. You betcha.


Dar said...

I'm so sorry you have to endure those kind of neighbors. We are lucky because we have enough space between us and our neighbors -- most of the time. I do have one neighbor that has 2 small dogs, they bark when out, but thankfully they don't leave them out when they are not home. I hope your enforcement comes and fines them for too many pets. Hope you have calmed down. I don't want you to have a heart attack.

Judi said...

You should try ringing the RSPCA. They'll sort the dogs not sure about the moron though. Some people are just impossible with no thought to others. I have been so tempted in the past to get a ton of manure delivered to someone's front garden, I suppose it depends on how close your windows are!

Caz said...

If they have 15 dogs in there house,,, it must be in a bit of a mess!! I hope something gets done about them,,,

Tonya said...

hate, dislike, hate, dislike neighbor dogs.....ugghhhh

Babs Banter/QUILTECH said...

After looking at the photos you posted of neighbours 'garden' and dogs I don't know how you remain sane. Have you tried leaving your radio on full blast overnight and staying away for a couple of nights? Revenge is sweet!!
I know we're suppose to turn the other cheek but what you have to put up with is downright ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

Poor you, sounds aghastly. The RSPCA wil be intersted if there is any issue of care, likely if 15 dogs, and enviromnent dept of local council re health ditto 15 dogs. Keep cool, you're not in the wrong and by alerting these agencies you can resolve these matters. Citizens Advice are a good source of advice too. Good luck

jan said...

Dar -
the trouble with these people is they tell so many lies whn you speak to them, what he told me the other day I am not sure if it is true, even now. It is a mother, son and daughter..who is supposed to be in hospital and they have her dogs, it is one of them that whines. I have no compassion for her, or them at all I am afraid. They are truly the scum of the earth.

Judi -
Sorry just been laughing, the RSPCA actually did come out to visit them and said...'there is nothing wrong with the dogs or how they are being looked after' They did take one away for a few days because it was undernourished!!!! If the way those dogs are living and being 'cared' for is acceptable to the RSPCA, I give up....

Caz -
You have to see it to be believe it I am afraid. In the hot summer days we are unable to use our back garden due to the smells, I am not holding my breath.....only against the smell when I put my washing out..

Tonya -
Hate them all, I have to say it is not the dogs fault at all but when you have them whining constantly or barking, they do come in for some hatred...

Babs -
I don't know how I do either to tell you the truth, the radio would be of no use as they have one of their own in the garden outside for those dogs in the cages, inside the house the dogs make so much noise there would be no point they wouldn;t hear it, what I need Babs, is a bomb!!!! When anything happens to them, and I pray daily it will...My bunting will be out. Hubby says I am wicked. Yep, that's me. Evil.

Anonymous -
Would be nice to know your name.
The RSPCA is in my mind a total waste of space, they did nothing about them when they came up last year, they did say they would keep a check on them every so often...hmmm never seen them since.
I know I am not in the wrong for telling authorities or actually anyone who listens. I always tell my neighbours I have reported them and to whom I have reported. They don't give a damn cos they know absolutely nothing will be done, ever.
It is really funny !!?? everyone around here complains to ME about THEM and the dogs. Why oh why don't they all complain to the authoritis, maybe then something would be done????

I am calm now folks, I have been quilting and have started a new quilt. It has been very very quiet all weekend, only the occasional bark. I know it wont last but whilst it is like this I am happy.

Thank you all for your comments and concerns. Sadly I can do nothing about it at all. No one helps me, no one listens. They get away with so much it makes me really cross, they drive their van sometimes with no tax on it. I always make a point of going right up to my fence and glaring at the non present tax disc, then next day, one appears. I don't care that they see me do these things, I am not afraid of them whatsoever. I just want peace and quiet. Oh yes and fresh air.

Maggi said...

Sounds like hell on earth Jan. Pity you can't persuade other neighbours to complain. Re the tax disc - don't glare, just ring the DVLA who have a freephone hotline that you can ring where you can report it anonymously.
0800 0325202