Saturday, 30 June 2012


The header picture is of my beloved Bernina sewing machine. This is the ONLY sewing machine I have barring my Embellisher. Everything I make, mend or Quilt is done on this Bernina 1090s...I love this machine.  Thank you Bernina for making it and thank you hubby for buying it for me all those years ago.


This is my Postcard from Tessa from the postcard swap on PP Forum
Theme - CHINA, isn't it fabulous, thank you Tessa...

OK there should be more Postcards here but I forgot to take pictures of them..derr...
Instead -
here is a picture of my Suzanne's bike...
 and guess who is on the petrol tank?
ROSSI of course....
I need to take pictures of tons of stuff, I have got way way behind again!!!!!
Tomorrow is another day..
'they' say...
Just WHO are 'they' ?????

Things I have to do, in no particular order - just to make you smile....

1]  Sort out TWO Birthday swaps for the PP Forum ---
2]  Make a Wonky block Journal page for  PP Forum---
3]  Do my 6 June Journal page for PP Forum ---
4]  Do my Personal Challenge for PP Forum which is New York Beauty block ---
5]  Cut strips for PP Forum strip swap ---
6]  Do Hexagons for swap for Quilt Set - 3 lots ---ARGHHHHHH
7]  Sort instructions for Sew a Row quilt for PP Forum ---
8]  Crack on with Marian's beast of a quilt ---
9]  Maybe do the hoovering and dusting, it seems to be piling up!!!!!
10]  Try to remember what it is I should be doing and have forgotten all about -
          there is bound to be something lurking I have forgotten all about!!!!

Looking at that list it seems I am into the PP Forum for a lot of things right now!!!!!



Diane-crewe said...

not too much to do then!!! Most important one... to remember the sewing and forget the cleaning!! LOL xx

Janice Aitkens said...

Well as i read leave your hoover set up then if someone comes they think they interrupted you lol
You may have a long list but you soon have it all done well may be not the housework lol
Hugs Janice

Maggi said...

Three cheers for Berninas. Pity that Rossi isn't having a good season. I hope that Suzanne is getting on better with her bike than he is with his.

Maggie R said...

Love my Bernina too:)
I have trained my dust bunnies to hide when company comes:)