Sunday, 2 September 2012


Thanks Frank....

...and now the end is near and so I face the final curtain,

No pictures anymore and that's a fact of which I'm certain

It was fun since 2008

You've all been great

My thanks are unending,

but now, I have to go so much love to you all I'm sending.

I know I know it doesn't 'scan'

But I gave it my best - as best as I can

To mimic Frank, all I can say -

is.......I did it my way.

Thank you everyone for reading and commenting on this blog over the years I have been doing it, I am sad to leave but I don't see the point of having it if I cannot put pictures on anymore.

I have my thinking cap on of what to do next.


Jan x


Cal said...

That's terrible Jan, so blogger is not allowing to upload pictures? Can you just start another blog on another site and just put a link up so we know where to go? Sorry to hear about the mess!

Dar said...

I would think you could start another blog and call it Jans Muse continued, or go back and delete some of the older ones that are not as critical to your post. There has to be a way. Judy L has many more pictures than you, maybe she can advise you. Good luck and I hope you don't stop blogging. You can still "talk" to us for a while until you figure it out. It would be real sad for you to be gone forever.

Susan said...

hi Jan sorry ti hear your having probs with blogger. I hope you will still keep in touch my lovely friend and find a way to creating another blog. you will be very much missed.
:[ xx

Cookie said...

Hi Jan,
start a new blog. Im with Dar on this one. I would love to see you continuing with your blog and if not on this one than with a other blog.
hugs Kerstin

Babs Banter/QUILTECH said...

Can't understand why you are having a problem, Jan. Have just posted some pics on my Blog.

Anonymous said...

We'd be lost without you Jan!

I know with wordpress that there is a pic limit - I can either delete eralier entries or pay to upgrade to a higher limit.

Maggi said...

Start a new blog on Wordpress Jan. Annette's done it so can help you out and it really isn't hard at all. The other option would be to delete some of the photos on your very early posts.