Friday, 30 April 2010


First though I must tell you all. I found the glue. Hahahahaha. I now have a stack of the stuff.
So many wonderful things have been arriving for me of late, I am so lucky and never forget it wouldn't be but for all my lovely WWW Blogging friends.
Here is a perfect example of people's kindness, Pat C has sent me this cute card, charms, and fabric, and it is a huge piece, I shall have fun using these Pat, many  many thanks go to you. and yes I do love yellow...
See, it is huge
In the same post I had these two wonderful fat quarters from my friend Marian, aren't they fabulous, a big thank you to you Marian, you know my weaknesses..
Also, on this wonderful post day, I received this Green Rainbow ATC from Fiona, she tells me on the back she had used her Embellisher and Heat Gun on this, Whew! It is just great Fiona, many thanks to you...
This fabric Postcard is from Jo in our Yahoo group, it is a wonderful piece of her sun-printed fabric with butterflies - not real ones I hasten to add!! - thanks Jo, I love it.
This next Postcard is done on an Embellishing Machine, I am in a swap for these, we had the choice of a Landscape or a Seascape to make, this is what Maria made for me. Isn't it fabulous? I was totally gobsmacked when I saw it, I said to my hubby 'oops, I am in the wrong group' There is no way I could compete with this card even if I wanted to, which I don't. I struggled with my card, thankfully I didn't have to send to Maria, some other poor soul will recieve my card, I have done a Landscape but can't put it here until it is received. But here is Maria's card, Enjoy. Thank you Maria it is superb.
Something different but still a gift. Ros sent me some Anemone corms way back, and just look. Here they are in flower, so thank you to you Ros, they will remind me of you every year, I love them they are so pretty, that red one is such a vibrant colour, we can see it from inside. Wonderful.
I really must be the luckiest person to have such generous friends, some I have never met and possibly never will, but that is by the by, we are friends never the less. Thank you all of you for your gifts and thoughts. I really do appreciate them.
Now, you are going to have to take my word for this, there was a black bird on this table, our new bird feeder table, it was gorging itself and didn't spot me creeping up on it, until the camera clicked and wouldn't you know, it flew away faster than the shutter clicked, better luck next time.
Hubby has been very busy in the garden pottering about here and there. Here are some of the potatoes he is growing again in those clever bags, they were scrummy last year...
I can't remember what this is called - Kalanchoe??? - Annette gave it to me as she is not too good with house plants or any plants really, she just starts sneezing poor thing...
Plants in the greenhouse hubby is doing, there are more now he has pricked them all out, plants are everywhere, we don't have that big a garden either!!!
Hmm, not a good picture, but the best I could do in a quick minute, this was on my washing, can you see, it is a ladybird but it is BLACK with RED spots. Very odd, a real ugly looking thing, I was going to catch it but I think it sussed that out and flew off, hope it doesn't come back either...
Well this was a Kodak moment if ever there was one, I didn't put that little ted there, it fell offf the pile as I was moving them to the other room, I thought it was so funny, it looks like it wants a go on my machine - the quilt is the tea cup one I am doing for Tonya...
So there we are my friends, some pictures of what has been happening for me over the past few days or so. I have actually been sewing a fair bit, but I cannot put the pictures here yet as everything I have done has been for swaps and until the folk get them....I don't wish to spoil their surprise. As soon as I hear they have arrived I will put them on. I have completed Postcards  -  ATC's  -  Blocks  -  Quilts, oh I have been a busy bee
Oh yes, I just have to do a bit of nana boasting. Rebecca is having swimming lessons, she has been since January this year, She was actually quite afraid of the water so Annette thought this would be good for her, and of course she is quite right. Anyway, Rebecca has taken to it like a fish to water so to speak, and guess what. SHE CAN SWIM. She is doing so well, the teacher has moved her up to the next group. I am so proud of her, she is really enjoying it now and is no longer afraid of the water. Well done Bab.


Tonya's Sewing Room said...

hopefully soon, i'll have your box full and can post it....i think that teddy wants to come with the quilt to NC. haha

jan said...

Nice try!!!!!

Pat said...

I'm glad the package arrived safely to you....I always worry when I put things in the mail that they will not reach their destination! You have some very nice surprises in the mail...all well-deserved! Love seeing that little teddy by the machine and love that teacup quilt you are making!

Needled Mom said...

You have received some wonderful mail lately. The postcards are fabulous as are all of the flowers.

Yeah for the newest swiming fish!!!! It is always such a relief when they finally learn water safety.

maggi said...

Lovely gifts/swaps Jan. Looking at your garden you can almost imagine that you don't have neighbours it looks so inviting. Congrats to Rebecca - it is so important for children to be able to swim.


YAY! Well done Reb! Brilliant news that you are in a higher group.
M xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Your garden looks lovely Jan - wish my grass (can't call it a lawn yet!)looks like that when the gardener does his magic on it I'm hoping it doesn't rain as forecasted.

Glad you like the FQ's Jan - hope to catch up on skype over the weekend.
M xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx