Wednesday, 21 April 2010


Lovely fabrics arrived for me today in various ways. These are all from the lovely Marian. She gets us fabulous fabrics from her market at the bargain price of £2 metre. Brilliant or what! Thank you Marian.
These two Batiks I bought from John Lewis in Milton Keynes yesterday [Monday] when Annette and myself went over on the bus, Rebecca was at school. It was great, we didn't have to go in Build-a-bear. Yippee!
This is a gorgeous fat quarter  from Irene, I organised a fatquarter swap on our Yahoo group, aren't I lucky this is just perfect Irene, many many thanks.
Watch out here comes the Arty bit!!
I am going to 'play' with this to see what effects I can get, so you best watch this space...
Mmm mmm Valdani threads - this is how they arrive, all individually wrapped...
Then open them up and  -  Gorgeous aren't they...
Again on our Yahoo group another swap - 'M is for - a great card very cleverly done don't you think...
ARTY bit again...
I am doing a little Book making course online with Myfanwy and shall be using papers like this - pretty aren't they...
I am most definitely changing in my views toward the 'Art' style of things. I am really enjoying what I am doing with Myfanwy. These little Books and the Embellishing machine lessons. I still obviously love my Quilting, that will always be my first love, but this is really stretching me and you know what. I am enjoying it.  I seem to be learning a new language too along the way. I guess each craft has it's own language.

Talking of language. Today was a pretty bad day regarding the hideous neighbours. I had opened my post and was trying to read the booklet about the Puff Paint. The dogs next door - one in particular - kept up a persistant bark bark bark, I just couldn't concentrate. Hubby went out cos we could hear 'her' next door, and shouted across the fence for her to shut the dogs up. Hmm, no response. Bark bark bark bark bark, it went on and on. You have no idea how annoying it was. Anyway, I flipped. I stormed outside and yelled, you do not want to know what, although I didn't swear, at her to shut her dogs up or I would do it for her. She shouted at me to ----Oh shut your ******* face -----. Now, if anyone swears at me or mine, that is like a red rag to a bull. I came in and rang the Environmental Health people---AGAIN --- the person I needed to speak to was out of the office but he will get the message passed on --AGAIN-- and will ring me sometime in the next 2-3 days. I am ready for that call. I have had enough. Over 15 years of sheer misery with that family next door. This time I want something done about them and the dogs they have. It is not much to ask is it. I know I am on a lose lose lose situation. It is just so unfair. The weather of late has been fabulous hasn't it. I bet you have all been sitting in your gardens if you have one. We can't, cos it stinks out there of dog urine or the other, it just chokes you and is unpleasant to say the least. So indoors we stay, well I do, hubby can bear it for a while, Rebecca too for a short time, then they have to come in. It is not right is it. An Englishman's or woman's home is supposed to be their castle, ours is a prison. I swear if today I had access to an axe I would have gone round there and committed a massacre, truly I would. I was so angry I am sure my blood pressure went way off the scale.
She did shut the dogs up then and each time they so much as whimpered, she was yelling at them to be quiet. You see, she can do it, so why doesn't she keep them quiet all the time.hing is you see, I have noticed of late I am beginning to hate all dogs and that is just not me, I love animals, it is the lat next door I can't stand. Oh I know it is not the animals fault, but quite honestly that line of thinking is of no help to me. One day I will flip too far and be locked up, either prison or the mad house. So if I go missing you know where I am.


Vesuviusmama said...

Just close your eyes and stroke your beautiful fabric, and hopefully your rage and frustration will disappear. I hope the people you called will do something to bring you some peace and quiet (and fresh air).

Cal said...

It is a shame you cannot use your garden!

searchfamilies said...

Lovely fabric, it nice to go off some days we go to MK sometimes.
On the Neighbour side you can also get on to the council even if they not council tentants about condition of the garden ect if they are about being them i would be doing it on a regular bases also keep a diary of it all they can do asbo ect also if the dogs are kept in a bad condition contact the RSPCA i know that i had a dog & someone reported me what it was it was a pedigree & the seller wanted it back so thought he would get it back well of course when the RSPCA came round they said all okay but they do have to check out these things.
Well you take care
Hugs Janice


Hi Jan
Glad you got the fabric ok.
How much is a person expected to deal with before the Environmental Health (EH) do something? Maybe you ask for a free ½ hour appointment for legal advice with a Solicitor? And then SUE the EH for the suffering you have had.

M xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Tonya's Sewing Room said...

love those fabrics and threads