Saturday, 10 September 2011


All the things  on here were sent or received before my birthday but I forgot to put them on -
must be getting old!!!!
Anyway, the first two are Postcards I have sent to -

ROS for the Who Inspires me Postcard Swap on the PP Forum,
it is all the fabric manufacturers and designers who come up with all the
fabulous fabrics we use...
I put a secret message on the front for Ros - hope she found it...
 Liz and I did a private swap, hers for me was DRINK,
mine for Liz was FOOD,
the strawberry is thread painted, took ages to do but hey
what else was I to do?
 Would you just look at this beauty -
I did this pattern with my group a while back and Annette made this, and of course when I saw it, I said oh I want this, So, being the good daughter she is... She gave it to me - aren't I lucky - It's because I'm worth it------hahahahahaha----
thank you Annette it is already hanging up...
 Annette saw in a shop in town a gorgeous scarf she would have liked me to knit for her - ???? - doh..
I had already seen on Liz' Blog that she made these so I asked if I bought the wool would she make it for Annette - I'm not daft, me - knit? I don't think so, not any more.. Anyway I sent the woo off to Liz and can you believe she made it and had it in the post the next day and Annette is thrilled with it...
- in the same package came these smaller pieces Liz had knitted, she sent them for Rebecca to have,
BUT, I am afraid I kept them for myself, hahaha, they are the perfect size for me to wrap round my neck to keep it warm, Rebecca didn't mind !! much !! she loves her Nana, she thinks I am worth it...
hee hee
 ALSO, Liz sent me this piece of gorgeous fabric, she is afraid to use it - ???? -
I have a plan for this already Liz, thank you so much, it is a beautiful colour folks...
 These are my new threads I treated myself to last week, they arrived the other day and the piece
of fabric from Liz was just perfect to display them on...
  YUM YUM YUM is all I can say.

I got another UFO finished ready for it's binding this evening, YAY.

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