Thursday, 1 September 2011


I have received two brilliant Postcards lately from a swap I am in and a fabulous gift from Liz.
The first postcard is from Jackie, this is the back...
 and this is the fabulous front, many thanks to you Jackie...
 This Postcard is from Sandy in Australia, again this is the back,
can you see the Olympic Torch she sewed by machine?
 and the front is, well, it is just amazing,
So much detail and so clear, thank you Sandy it is brilliant...
 Then I got a gift from Liz in the post -
woohoo, fab labels, and lots of them,
thank you thank you thank you Liz they are great.
Aren't I lucky.


Maggi said...

Great postcards and what amazing labels.

cookie said...

yes a very lucky person. lovely postcards and super labels.

QuiltandPatch said...

Jan,I love the twin postcards and may use that idea next year providing my friend has her IVF babies!