Thursday, 15 September 2011


It was a real treat for me to receive so many messages saying you are all still about, just that sometimes Life gets in the way and you are unable to Blog or even leave messages. Anyone with problems of leaving a message on here, do please let me know what it is and I shall try to sort it out for you. I love to see the comments you see.

I have been very busy finishing off some UFOs. I have completed eight of them. Yes 8. I did all the labels today, what a chore that is, I normally whack them on as I am doing the binding, but for some reason I forgot all 8 of them this time so...well I cheated of course, I sewed what I could by machine then hand stitched the rest of the label down. If there is a way to cheat !!!! I will surely find it folks. hahahaha

Anyway, I shall take piccies of them all tomorrow and then tomorrow night I shall put them on here for you all to see. Also I will be putting on a Give Away I have had planned for some time now, I have been waiting for a certain number Post to come up and tomorrow, I do believe I shall hit it. Woo Hoo. Can you guess what it will be? The number I mean not the Give Away.

It is going to be something I have never done before so I am going to request a bit of help with it from the person who wins. All will be revealed tomorrow. [later today actually] Oh yes, I ought to say there will be TWO Give Aways, one for here in GB and one for the Rest of the World. You will understand why when I do it tomorrow. Not long now.

Thank you for visiting.


Leah said...

Can't wait to see your 8 UFO finishes. I always love looking at your work. An you have me intrigued about tomorrow. :)

Maggie R said...

Hi Jan,
Better late than never!Such a busy time of year with everything starting up after the summer holidays....
I have been nursing my big toe!! After the doctor removed the nail it was sore but looked ok then I got an infection after 12 days! I got some antibiotics at emergency. That was a 5 hour wait....I took that one day and got itchy all over so in the middle of the night I went over to the emergengy again.. They changed my meds and gave me an antihistamine!!! To-day I think I am doing better but the toe still is red . The nail has just about growm up. Can't believe how fast that was.. so.... that is the story... Hope it has a happy ending SOON!
Thanks for stopping by my blog....


Rosa-Munda said...

Could it be you are celebrating 500 postings, or maybe 500 followers?

I have difficulty with 1 UFO, 8 is totally awesome!

Maggi said...

You should be like me and leave out the labels. Please don't shout at me. xx