Saturday, 24 September 2011


I have finished the last three blocks Tessa had put up on the Forum for us to make, I think some of my blocks are quite different to the other girls blocks they have made, but not to worry they have the same names...
 Another block will be put up for us to make on 1st October, just a few to go I think.
When Rebecca and Annette went to London and visited Buckingham Palace,
they bought this for us... 
 yum yum, haven't eaten them yet, but it wont be long before I do, hahahaha
Liz asked where I keep my Quilts when they are finished???
Some of my Teds take care of them Liz, BUT
they are going to a new home soon, the Quilts not the Teds.
We cleared a load of crap stuff out of the airing cupboard as
we were having a new boiler fitted in the roof, this meant we had to empty two cupboards,
what a load of rubbish we found, BUT, look at this little gem hubby found...
Original Wrapping...
 complete with threads...
 Yes, I had started it then abandoned it -
I remember when I used to go to hubbies house every Sunday for Tea,  before we were married this is, his mum found out I liked to sew, so, she went upstairs and came back with this, threw it at me  gave it to me and said 'there you are then, you can do that' So I used to sit there every Sunday evening sewing this, I know I used to enjoy doing it even though it took ages to do one flower. I think I impressed her actually cos she said 'that's nice'.  Isn't it a shame I never finished it, I think we must have got married and it got forgotten. I know I will never finish it now, so what to do with it???? Any ideas?????
 These took me ages to do, one at a time, slow but sure...
 It is just so pretty even if I do say so myself...
 I await your ideas of what to do with it
What is this??????
 YAY it is the empty cupboard which I am going to have for my Quilts, see Liz, they will be moved into here, hubby has painted it all for me inside, I am waiting for it to dry out thoroughly before the Quilts go in there, I may even put a piece of fabric at the base, and some Cedar balls to help the scent of the thing, it does pong at the mo!!!!  I am hoping to get my completed Quilts AND my UFOs in there. We shall see...
To finish on a really great not, here are the threads hubby bought me for my birthday,
yum yum yum
thank you hubby
Don't forget to enter my give away - under the   1066   post
I shall be closing it on Monday 26 September


Cal said...

Love the embroidered flowers! So cute, excellent find. But they do look very time consuming!

Rosa-Munda said...

Well done with the catch-up. I love your carpenter's wheel - much prefer yours to mine.
Your embroidery is lovely. Perhaps Rebecca would help you finish it?

QuiltandPatch said...

Just what I was thinking maybe Rebs would help you finish the embroidery.You must finish it or all that work gone to waste!I made a tablecloth like this back in the 70's with DH working away and no tv.(our choice)it was one of the many things I spent evenings and weekends alone on. I still have it somewhere will look it out sometime. Thanks Jan for the update on what you do with your quilts.And love the new cupboard you have for them. Do you not sell any of them at craft fairs or anything so you can get more cash for more fabrics???

searchfamilies said...

I think you should finish it & give it to Rebecca as a heirloom piece
Love the blocks also well done
Hugs Janice