Tuesday, 19 August 2008


These cards are ones I made for no particular reason except I wanted to try something out, that was, trapping fabric and threads beneath some netting or whatever I had to hand. I then quilted on the top of them. Some I like, some I'm not sure sure of. I was in a mood of 'feeling trapped' I think it probably comes across in the cards patterns!!!Still trapping.......
and more......
These are the ones I am not too sure of, they started out alright, but then I feel I messed up on the quilting of them. Oh well, you live and learn.
These are obviously - I hope - Dragonflies, next to the Fireworks and the Ginkgo leaves, I love doing these best. I haven't a clue why, because when they fly round the garden they really freak me out if they get too close. But I played with some wool I had bought for the edges. Quite like that soft look.
Here is my Alien card. I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed creating him. Yes, I think it is certainly a male!!!! The background of him is supposed to be his spaceship, I printed onto fabric the wasps nest we have in our roof, turned it upside down and voila, one space ship. I then quilted it with a really neat thread. His head and arms and the light in the door are made from Angelina fibres. As I was finishing him off, I realised he needed some friends so put the spaceships floating in the sky above. I am sure he is friendly, even though that eye is very large. He just seemed very friendly to me anyway. The message I put on the back was also printed out on the computer.

I promised a set of the Rainbow QT C's to Susan, to start her off on the collection, three to go Susan, just in case you are reading this!! I have the Blue and Mauve ones done now ready for the post.
These are the Green QTC's for the group Pizzazz. Again I had fun experimenting with the wools round the edges.
No apologies, I like making them.
Oh, Sue starts her tea party. I had to dig out my old Makower fabrics for the tea plate fabric. Hopefully the ladies who receive these will like the idea I have done.
This card is made for a challenge set by the list mom of Pizzazz, Allison. She sent a lot of us who signed up for it the same pack of fabric and embellishments, we had to make a card then send to her. I cant remember if there is a prize, but its the taking part that is the important part don't you think! I thoroughly enjoyed making this card, once the idea popped in my head, I so loved this sunflower fabric, I have been searching for it everywhere, cant find it, so if you know where I can get it, do tell.
Hmm, once again, Kath sent me a selection of fabric and embellishments and I had to make a card for her and one for me from it. I found this hard to do this time. But then the Muse popped by and voila. Once you know its easy!!

Noel has asked how I did the crop circles!! I placed a shisha mirror on the card, caught it down round the outside threads, then just did various circles round and round with free machining. Sometimes catching a different thread as I went along. I did remove the foot from the machine as I did this, - I do that a lot - BUT if you do, please be very careful and aware at all times where your fingers are!!!! Hope this is clear for you Noel.
Not a green qtc!!!!!So there we are some of the cards I have made for sending and some for my stock for future sending maybe. I hope you have enjoyed looking at them. I have lots more to go on yet. I told you I had been busy!!!!


Di said...

You certainly have been busy. Love the 'trapped' cards.

Noel said...

Jan you come up with the neatest ideas for postcards. I love the crop circles...LOL!
You must expalin how you did them or were they already made up?


jan said...

Hi Di, I loved doing those as I felt completely free, weird cos I was 'trapping' things!!!!

jan said...

Hi Noel, I had to go check to see what I had done, first I did the shisha mirror, then I just went round and round the outside of that with free machining. Was a very simple thing to do.

Anonymous said...

My favorite cards...the trapped cards', how can you not love them all! And I equally love all the dragonfly cards, keep making them, you are expert at it!


sue /ca

ps Janet, I can't remember my google password so I'm going to show up as anonymous

jan said...

Hi Sue/ca, lovely to hear from you, glad you like my cards, I have great fun making them, and sometimes, posting them hahaha.