Saturday, 30 August 2008


These pictures were taken by hubby with his new digital camera. Actually the date was 8th August so I am a little behind [again] in getting them on here. He took loads, but am not going to put them all on.

He took Reb out for a few hours so I could catch up on some sleep. I do remember I was unable to do so, as the dogs next door started howling and barking - at the air as they do - so much for my catch up!

Reb enjoyed herself there, we didn't know of this place at all. Her school had taken them on a day trip there. Just shows you, you don't know your own area where you live. I would like to go here and spend some time looking around it looks very peaceful.

Big ice cream for a little girl! I quite fancy having this in my garden actually. The hut that is, I already have that little girl in my garden. hee hee.

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